Video: How an Assam Woman Grew One of the Rarest Teas in the World

The yellow used to be grown only in the hilly areas of China

One of the rarest varieties of tea in the world, Yellow tea is generally grown in the hilly areas of Hunan, Zhejiang, and Sichuan in China. Unlike black tea, this type is not entirely fermented but is more processed than green tea.

The process to prepare yellow tea is similar to that of green tea, but with a couple of added steps. Yellow tea is stored in a container and steamed to prevent oxidisation. This makes the process of its preparation far slower—and it also requires immense patience!

The tedious process of brewing the tea has reduced its farming by a considerable amount.

However, Rakhi Saiki, from Golaghat, Assam has discovered a new method to mass produce yellow tea. She successfully made the tea in October this year. A Kolkata-based broker has already reached out to her to expand the business further.

Watch the video here:


Featured image for representative purposes. Sources: Wikimedia Commons/ Pixabay.

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