India-Bangladesh Match Aside, Here’s How Indian Navy Has Been Helping Bangladesh Fight Cyclone Mora

Keeping sporting rivalry aside and risking their own lives to save their neighbours', the Indian Navy personnel have displayed chivalry that transcends over nationality and competition.

The countries in the Indian subcontinent have an additional blood type of cricket and as a display of support towards their country, during matches, often adhere to unhealthy competitive tactics.

Speaking of which, India and Bangladesh will be battling it out on the field today for the Champion’s Trophy semi-finals and looks like cricket fans from the other side seem to have brought back their scheming editing skills to forefront.

Sporting rivalry aside, Bangladesh is currently undergoing a code red situation and none other than the Indian Navy have dived in to help.

Cyclone Mora that had sweeped in through the southeast coast in Bangladesh caused extensive landslides and flooding, amounting to massive damage leaving scores of people homeless.

If reports are to be believed, the casualty list has risen to 137 while the authorities are still struggling to evacuate large populations in the coastal zone still stuck under soil, post the landfall that followed with the cyclone’s entry on May 30.

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Pitching in for rescue operations immediately, Indian Navy, risking their own personal security, had been working tirelessly to free the Bangladeshi residents buried amidst the landslide debris.

On May 31, they were able to rescue 33 individuals who were found adrift at sea over 100 miles away from Chittagong by the Indian Navy offshore patrol vessel, Sumitra, during a major rescue operation.

The Eastern Naval Command had also deployed a P-81 aircraft as part of its rescue operation.

Keeping sporting rivalry aside and risking their own life to save the neighbours’, the Indian Navy personnel have displayed chivalry that transcends nationality and animosity.

While no one knows which country will make it to the Champion’s Trophy finals today and how far would the fans on each side go, the efforts of the Indian Navy towards rescuing the people battling life or death makes us want to believe that not everything is about competition and trophies.

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