Thanks to the timely identification, many school dropout girls have been readmitted in the schools.

A Mobile Based Intervention That Saved Suraiya from Sex Trafficking & Masuda from Child Labour

Millions of girls in India become victims of domestic violence, sexual abuse, trafficking, and child labour every year. West Bengal is one such state where girls are at high risk for trafficking and other abuse. GPower, a mobile-based intervention in 20 villages of the state, is identifying the girls in need of help and providing them with much needed and timely support based on their level of vulnerability.

The State Animal of West Bengal Is Endangered. And Most of Us Don’t Even Know Which Animal It Is.

What is the state animal of West Bengal? If you, like many, said tiger, you’re wrong. The animal that represents this state is the fishing cat – a unique species that is nearing extinction. But there are people in India who are doing their best to protect these cats and helping find ways to help them live alongside humans. This is how they are doing it.
mobile school

What Happens When Street Children Cannot Attend School? The School Comes To Them In A Bus!

Education is every child's right. But sadly, many street children do not have access to that. Mukti Gupta started an NGO 'Help Us Help Them' which reaches out to street children through a school on wheels. The children are given vocational training, and not only this, the students are also provided nutritious food to keep them healthy! Learn more about this unique effort.
With KMES's intervention, the crucial and "golden hour" of saving is utilized.

They Are Making Emergency Healthcare Easy And Available For All

With increasing population and limited resources, emergency healthcare sure needs immediate attention in India. In an emergency situation, when both patients and their families are clueless, we need a centralized system that could bridge the information gap between hospitals and patients. Started by four friends, KMES helps you get access to the right medical care at the right time.
The kids have taken keen interest on plant cultivation

From Building Bridges To Building Blood Banks, This Man Has Done It All!

Meet the man who has been working for 26 years with a tribal people to include them in India's growth story. Be it education, health, arts and culture, women empowerment, infrastructure - there is not a single aspect of their lives that Mr. Debabrata Ghosh has not touched upon and improved. Is it even possible for one man to do so much? Read more to find out!
Garden irrigated by a single pot of water

TBI Women: Sowing The Seeds Of Change – Sustainable Agriculture Driven By Women In West Bengal

Self-sufficient farming gives women in Alipurduar food, health and confidence! At a time when chemicals have virtually replaced nutrients in food, women in this tiny area of West Bengal are growing food in a natural way - a method that is not just organic but uses ways to combine nature's cycles and elements, creating a complementary ensemble. This is a way in which plants, animals, insects and all the elements of nature come together in harmony and leave little waste. Read more to know how they achieve this.
Community awareness training underway

TBI Innovations: ‘Anandi’ Pads – A Creative And Eco-friendly Solution To An Age-Old Taboo

It is unfortunate that the normal human procedure of menstruation has been regarded as 'impure' and considered taboo for generations of Indians. However, things are changing now, and it is hearty to know that India is at the forefront of disruptive innovations in menstrual hygiene. Here we bring you a 'Bong' duo doing fabulous work in breaking stereotypes and creating a sanitary revolution.
Till date, thousands of orphans have stayed and studied in SRKS and currently there are 67 being taken care of in the facility.

TBI Heroes: Fighting for Freedom from the British to Freedom from Poverty

Saunak Bhattacharyya had an opportunity to meet a 96-year old freedom fighter who changed his outlook on life and made him think deeply on what it is that makes heroes - ordinary men and women who make extraordinary sacrifices so that others around them can live better. Whether through love for his country or love for his fellow human beings, young and old, Mr, Sudhanshu Biswas teaches the values of compassion, perseverance and belief in one's purpose.