This Guy Left His High Paying IT Job To Teach Photography To Tribal Children

While working as an SBI Youth for India fellow, Sandeep Viswanath was almost thrown out of a school for disturbing their regular activities. But this did not break his morale. He continued working with the tribal students, teaching them photography and making five documentaries with them. Read more about his journey and why he left his well-paying IT job to work in the development sector.
The kids have taken keen interest on plant cultivation

From Building Bridges To Building Blood Banks, This Man Has Done It All!

Meet the man who has been working for 26 years with a tribal people to include them in India's growth story. Be it education, health, arts and culture, women empowerment, infrastructure - there is not a single aspect of their lives that Mr. Debabrata Ghosh has not touched upon and improved. Is it even possible for one man to do so much? Read more to find out!