The Biggest Success Story Is Yours. How TBI Readers Helped Change Thousands of Lives

Two years ago, The Better India shared a story that was read, loved and shared by you. This was the story of Amol Sainwar, the founder of NGO Shivprabha Charitable Trust. Our journey with Shivprabha Charitable Trust, and the people helped through it, did not end there. Here are some campaigns that TBI and Shivprabha worked together on with our readers and changed thousands of lives

An Innovative App That Can Make Smartphones Also Function as Hearing Aids

Spending money on hearing devices, carrying them around, changing batteries, facing the social stigma associated with hearing aids in India – people with hearing issue have to face several difficulties. But not anymore! A Pune-based company has come up with a free, mobile-based hearing solution and it is super easy to use.

Kids Obsessed With Tech? Now Use Apps to Teach Mythology, Geography and More

Talk to any young parent these days, and chances are they’ll launch into a litany of complaints about technology and their losing battle with it. 'If the kids aren't already using a tablet or phone, they spend all their time asking for it,' is a common grievance. But what if you could use your children's obsession with technology to introduce them to Indian mythology, help discover new cities or learn about the world around them? Bulbul Apps helps you do just that.

Two Brothers Develop ‘Ticket Jugaad’ App to Find Confirmed Train Tickets in India

Given the amount of passenger traffic the Indian Railways website experiences these days, it is hard to get confirmed tickets for many busy train routes. And being waitlisted can be frustrating, not to mention ruinous to one’s travel plans. But now there is an app that can help people get confirmed tickets, by finding alternate routes or trains to their desired destinations.