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This Cautionary Tale of a Woman Who Was Forced Into Marriage Is Something Everyone Should Read

This Cautionary Tale of a Woman Who Was Forced Into Marriage Is Something Everyone Should Read

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What is a woman’s worth in the society? Is she an equal? Is she a commodity?

Usman Ghani, probably had no idea that the story he would share on Twitter would resonate so much with desi social media that it would go viral in hours.

All he wanted to do was share the cautionary tale about a friend whose promising future was shattered because her parents forced her into a marriage she wasn’t interested in.

In his thread notes, Usman said that his friend had completed her masters in engineering and later joined a prestigious university as lecturer.

But she had to give it all up for an arranged marriage.

Despite having agreed to marriage to appease her parents, her conjugal life turned out to be a nightmare. Soon she had to deal with an abusive husband who was supported by his family.

She kept quiet despite everything because she didn’t want to want to hurt her parents.

Shaken from his conversation with his friend, Usman took to social media to beseech parents to raise their daughters to be equal to men and allow them their independence.

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He also begged women not to compromise for the sake of appeasing society, no matter what.

The viral story proves that one’s equality and dignity should never be compromised on.

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