‘Social’ Service: Bengaluru Police Gets Witty and Helpful on Instagram

The city police is tagging along in tune with new waves of communication strategies sprinkled with apt humour.

What is the best way to reach out to people in the current times?

Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram?

Looks like the Bengaluru City Police has planned to add another feather on it’s already tech-savvy media cap.

Followed by more than lakhs of people on Twitter and Facebook, the city police intends on expanding its reach over people through Instagram and YouTube, with picture stories and video campaigns.

Source: Twitter

“There are thousands of people from the city on Instagram and YouTube, and we can reach out our awareness messages and campaigns to them also… these add more channels to our outreach,” M.G. Nagendra Kumar, Deputy Commissioner of Police (Command Centre), told The Hindu.

The step seems to come about right, with more people resorting to stories that convey visually in a span of fewer minutes. With over 6.04 lakh followers on Twitter and 5.24 lakh followers on Facebook, the city police seems to have become quite popular on the social media expanse.

Known to have come up with hilarious puns and play of words driven with the intent of conveying messages like that of safe driving, against drinking and driving, and helmet-wearing, among others, the city police is tagging along in tune with new waves of communication strategies sprinkled with apt humour.

With taglines like, “We’re watching you, you can watch us too. All set to relaunch our YouTube Channel,” and “I guess we won’t be filtering just criminals now. We’re probably our country’s first Police Department on Instagram,” looks like the Benguluru City Police is on a roll and plans on nailing the Instagram stint as well.

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So far, the city police has four posts on Instagram, with already close to 600 followers.

With further plans on reviving their 4-year-old defunct channel on YouTube, we hope the tech-savvy city police come up with some really cool stories, leaving no stone unturned to ensure their messages drive home well through the online social space.

Featured Image Source: Facebook

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