Tune in to 90.4 FM Sarathi Jhalak – a Women Run Community Radio Station in Rural Karnataka

Sarathi Jhalak is a community radio station owned and run primarily by women in rural Karnataka. Over the past three years, the station has become a very important part of the lives of local people. But they are now facing some serious financial issues because of which it is becoming difficult for the radio to sustain itself. They need your help. And this is how you can contribute.
A map of the entire village stating the number of houses, number of males and females, number of houses that have built toilets. This map outside the school wall has played a pivotal role in ensuring all houses build toilets.

These Communities Have Achieved Total Sanitation In Innovative Ways. Do You Know About Them?

Is constructing toilets enough to solve India's looming sanitation problem? Apparently not. There is a need for awareness, greater community involvement and change in behaviour. Learn how these villages, organizations and communities have tried innovative ways to achieve total sanitation without expensive or short-term interventions.
You can be part of their wonderful initiative by going on a trip with them.

This Young Team Is Enabling Tourists To Turn Into Change Makers In The Himalayas

They pick up their bikes and go to some of the remotest villages in the extreme Himalayas. There they help the kids with education, the locals with livelihood, the community with healthcare and undertake various initiatives to make the region a cleaner and a better place. Started by Dheeraj Sharma, Devil On Wheels is all about responsible travel. Read along to know how.