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A Man With No Power Connection at Home Generates Electricity for an Entire Village Using His Bike

A Man With No Power Connection at Home Generates Electricity for an Entire Village Using His Bike

One man from the village of Kalladikode in Kerala has become the saviour of his village during power outages.

A Bullet is a matter of pride for most Indians.

But imagine using it to generate electricity during power cuts?

Doesn’t it remind you of the school run by Phunsuk Wangdoo from 3 Idiots?

One man from the village of Kalladikode, Palakkad district in Kerala, has become the saviour of his village during power outages.

Pullapatta Kizhakekara Puthenveettil Harinarayan is a Kerala State Road Transport Corporation or KSRTC driver who doesn’t have to worry about the hike in power tariff as instated by State Electricity Regulatory Commission last week.

Because he does not have a power connection at his home, at all!

Instead, Harinarayanan uses a water pump and a dynamo on his bike to generate enough electricity for his household.

Dry landscapes in Palakkad. Source: Wikimedia

The two-wheeler, which is an ’82 model diesel bike, can generate a day’s requirement of electricity for a house by running its engine for almost an hour in a stationary state.

Also, on a litre of diesel, the bike can run up to 82km, being quite cost-effective as well.

The government employee also assists people in his neighbourhood by helping them fill up water tanks and light up homes during massive power cuts, which is something very common in Kerala, especially during the monsoons.

Apart from electricity generation, his ingenious innovation also helps in drawing water from as deep as 10 meters from even the most dried up wells, along with irrigation purposes. This makes Harinarayanan’s bike facility significant, since Palakkad is a relatively dry region in Kerala during the summers and often suffers water shortages.

A Bullet. Source: Wikimedia

The engine coupled with dynamo, together can produce up to 24 volts of power. While the water is being pumped up, the battery can store close to 12 volts. Harinarayanan’s invention is being utilised by many in his locality and has cost him a paltry sum of ₹3,000.

Being touted as the Local Hero in the area, Harinarayanan has never passed his school’s final exam.

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He further plans on building an exercise machine for producing electricity next!

We all have heard of the phrase, “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”, and Harinayanan has just proved it all the more relevant in the times of not just major power cuts in Kerala but rise in the power tariff, as well.

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