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TBI Blogs: Bengaluru Faces a Potential Water Crisis. Watch How We Can Avoid It, Sustainably.

Bengaluru was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons when Bellandur lake caught fire. The incident highlighted the growing troubles with Bangalore’s water bodies and water supply. It is time the city’s authorities and residents took remedial steps, such as the ones discussed in this short video.

Most of us seem to think of water bodies and lakes only when they make the news, such as when the lakes of Bengaluru start to froth or catch fire. But we need to have a more holistic approach to water conservation and revival if we are to save these lakes.

We need to work on solutions and implement them throughout the year. In this video, Shubha Ramachandran, a water sustainability consultant, maps out how the city of Bengaluru gets its water, and the three major steps we need to take to make the city water-secure.

Only we can dig ourselves out of the hole that we have created. It is time to dig deeper into our collective consciousness and find ways to resolve Bengaluru’s growing water crisis—together.

To know more about sustainability initiatives, or being a co-traveller, contact Bhoomi College on the website, or via email.

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