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Multiple Train Journeys on One Indrail Pass – Travel Made Easy for Foreigners and NRIs

The Indrail Pass will facilitate ease of travel for foreigners and NRIs, by allowing NRIs & foreigners to use any train - without no restrictions on route

They say that you’ve not experienced India till you have travelled in any one of its hundred trains. The jostle for seats, the ceaseless conversations in a multitude of languages, the sharing of food with amicable strangers and watching as cities, towns and villages blur by in a scenic rush… travelling through India by train is a unique experience in itself. It is also the perfect introduction to the multi-faceted nature of our country.

The Indian Railways has set out to make this travel experience a little easier for foreigners and NRIs with the Indrail Pass.

The Indrail pass works like a regular travel pass or a bus pass. It allows foreigners and NRIs the option to travel on any of its trains – without any route restriction – within the period of validity of the pass.

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According to the Indian Railways website, the passes are available for varying periods of validity, ranging from half-day passes, to 7 day passes to 60 and 90 day passes.

Travellers can also choose between different classes like Sleeper Class, AC-2 Tier, and First Class AC-3 Tier.

Ticket prices are dependent on the period of validity and the class, and range from 11USD to 1060 USD.

An Indrail Pass holder need not pay any reservation fee or safety charges.

The passes can be purchased at major Railway Stations across India, or can be bought from recognised travel agents.

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