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This 77-Year-Old Man Will Attempt the 10th Boards for the 47th Time. We Think He’s Awesome!

Fourty-seventh time lucky? So hopes 77-year-old Shiv Charan Yadav, who is getting ready to take his Class 10 board exams next week after having failed them 46 times in the past.

Shiv Charan lives in Khohari village in Alwae, Rajasthan. He first took the Rajasthan Board of Secondary Education exam in 1968.

What’s more, he took a vow a long time ago not to marry until he matriculated. And he has held on to that vow.


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The 77-year old bachelor is confident that he will pass this year and find himself a bride.

“Each time it so happens that I pass in some subjects, but fail in others. For example, if I get enough marks in mathematics and science, I fail in Hindi and English. This time, I hope to pass all…I have taken classes from some school teachers,” Shiv Charan told The Times of India.

This determined bachelor almost tied the knot in 1995 when he partially cleared the exams; low marks in mathematics however put an end to his dreams.

Shiv Charan lost his mother when he was still a baby and his father when he was 10 years old. He was brought up by his relatives but has been living alone now, for the past 30 years, in his ancestral home.

“The old-age pension from the government and the prasaad (religious offering) at a nearby temple help me get by,” he said.

Like any young schoolgoing teen invoking the gods to clear his/her board exams, Shiv Charan too can be seen going to the temple to offer prayers, say his neighbours.

While some villagers make fun of his repeated attempts to pass school, others respect his perseverance and give him small gifts like pens and books.

We too salute his amazing spirit and wish him all the best for his upcoming exam.

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