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We at The Better India are pleased to announce a partnership with GiveIndia to help our readers make a difference in the lives of people in need.

What is GiveIndia?

GiveIndia ( is a NGO that works as a fundraising intermediary, connecting donors from all over the world with NGOs in India that need funds. GiveIndia’s role in this chain is to add value and transparency and credibility to the entire process through a number of ways.

How GiveIndia Works:

Firstly, GiveIndia has done due diligence on each of the NGOs it works with, ensuring that they meet the Credibility Alliance norms which mean they operate with high levels of transparency.

Then, GiveIndia lets the donor choose exactly how they want their money to be used by offering a variety of causes, NGOs and projects that help the poorest of the poor. So a donor can pick between over 400 “donation options” that range from providing a cataract surgery to education a child to training youth in livelihood skills to offering micro-credit to a rural woman. GiveIndia wants donors to be empowered to make their own choice of a cause that is dear to their heart.

Within 6-8 months of making a donation, a donor receives a feedback report with the details of their beneficiary and how they helped change a life. These feedback reports are individualised for each donor and take time and effort to generate but GiveIndia feels that until donors in India develop a much higher level of trust in NGOs, such reports help build confidence.

GiveIndia targets mostly retails donors as part of their mission of creating a giving culture in India. Currently GiveIndia raise funds through a website, where in the FY08 close to Rs2 crore was raised.

GiveIndia’s other main focus is the Payroll Giving Program where 25,000 professionals from the leading companies of India such as ICICI Bank, Genpact, Star TV and HDFC donate a sum of their choice from their salaries every month. Currently, these contributions total Rs50 lac per month and GiveIndia has ambitious plans to scale up this program.

Interestingly, GiveIndia is able to all this at a cost of fundraising that is below 10% against industry averages of 30 – 40%. GiveIndia is able to keep costs relatively low, thanks to a highly committed team of staff that works at a fraction of their “market rates”, a large band of very dedicated volunteers, zero outlay on Board members and the deep belief in the need to be as “thin” an organisation as possible.

The Beginning:

GiveIndia was started in the year 2000 by Venkat Krishnan, an IIM Ahmedabad alumnus who started his career in the corporate sector but decided to pursue something more meaningful. It is a registered non-profit in India and offers tax benefits to Indian as well as US and UK taxpayers. This makes it the preferred choice of many NRIs.


One of GiveIndia’s NRI donors, Mr S Khanna explains why he donates through GiveIndia. “ I used to always wonder how I could make a difference. Earlier I had to rely on friends and relatives to make donations. But they had to find time and do me a favour. The other option was to wait until I come home for vacation. Going to India on vacation used to be so hectic. Then I found GiveIndia’s banner on the ICICI site. I have been a regular donor through your site and have been impressed by the way you have grown to provide a link between the donor and the NGOs.”

In Conclusion:

GiveIndia is a “one stop shop” for donating towards poverty alleviation in India. GiveIndia is quick to respond during disasters and has helped to raise funds for the Bhuj earthquake, the tsunami, the Bihar floods. Currently they are helping NGOs raise funds for the victims of the terror attacks in Mumbai as well as those affected by Cyclone Nisha that has devastated parts of Tamil Nadu.

With donation options starting as low as Rs500, India’s growing Internet user base finally has a trustworthy channel through which they can contribute towards the developemnt of our country. 

The Better India and GiveIndia Partnership:

The Better India has partnered with GiveIndia to help you make a difference in the lives of people in need.

Click here to visit the GiveIndia-TBI site where you can make a secure online donation and receive a feedback report (within a few months) of exactly how you helped change a life.

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