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A Lady Receives Bed Roll, While Another Gets Medical Assistance – on Indian Rails, via Twitter

There is a new way of reaching out to Indian Railways in case of any emergency – with just a simple tweet to the Ministry of Railways. All that a passenger has to do is tweet with his/her contact details along with the problem, and the ministry ensures that help reaches as soon as possible.

Numerous cases in the past have proved that this method is extremely efficient. So when Sourav Bhattacharjee’s mother was travelling alone in a train, and was not provided with a bedroll and blanket, he knew where to go for assistance.

Like many others, Sourav also decided to tweet. And unsurprisingly, help reached in almost no time.

The Divisional Railway Manager (DRM) of Sambalpur, wrote back to Sourav saying that a TTE on board had been informed about this situation.

And just like that, the problem was solved.

In yet another case, an ailing woman on a train was attended to by doctors, all thanks to a tweet. Ankit Jain’s relatives were travelling from Delhi to Ajmer when his aunt started feeling unwell. Ankit instantly tweeted to the Ministry of Railways. The Jaipur DRM then reached out to him asking for his mobile number.

After some coordination, a doctor attended to his aunt at the Jaipur station in just half an hour after the first tweet.

So if you find yourself stuck in any such condition, here are people you can tweet to:

And this is the emergency number:

Indian Railways has proved again that passengers occupy the first position on its priority list.

Featured image for representation only. Source: Sidddd/Fickr

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