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This is What Happens When a Photographer, an Artist and Mumbai Come Together

Two Mumbaikars, one a photography enthusiast and one an artist, went out to capture the beauty of Mumbai and its iconic landmarks in all their glory. This is what the result looked like.

“You can take the boy out of Bombay; You can’t take Bombay out of the boy, you know.”

– Salman Rushdie

Of the many eloquent quotes that perfectly define Mumbai, its beauty, and its dreams – this one is among the best. Because when it comes to this city, a part of it simply never ceases to exist in the hearts of many who visit it, even if it is once in a lifetime.

And while words have been excellently describing it since many years now, there are also some absolutely marvellous pictures that bring out the best of Mumbai, and freeze some memorable moments forever. One such photo series was recently compiled by a Mumbaikar named Yash Chavan, an 18-year-old student of bachelors in Computer Science, who went out to explore this beloved place with his camera.

“Just another teenager with an overpriced camera who also happens to click good pictures, I suppose” – that’s how Yash defines himself on his photo blog.

With this love for photography, he decided to go out one day and capture some of the most iconic landmarks of the city. What was unique about that, you ask? Well, every picture taken by Yash has a dash of art added by his sister, Yadna Shital Kanvinde.

Yash and Yadna got together for this unique photo project called Sketch my City, in August this year. Yash asked Yadna to sketch some of the beautiful and famous spots of the city like Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus and Crawford market. And she did. Some from memory; some with the guidance of Google. With these sketches, the duo then went out and Yash captured the actual places as the backdrop to their drawings.

The results? Spectacular! And Yash put them on his blog for everyone to have a look.

Gateway of India


Ad Banner

Taj hotel, Colaba


Horniman Circle


The Asiatic society of Mumbai


Chhatrapati Shivaji terminus


Flora fountain


Rajabai Clock Tower


Crawford market. Sadly it was under renovation.


Bandra Worli sea link


20-year-old Yadna is a student of applied arts, and has been interested in drawing and sketching since she was three. “She loves sketching Art deco and Gothic style buildings. She wants to become an Illustrator,” says Yash on his blog.

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