32-YO’s Farming Method Inspired by Multi-Storey Buildings Earns Him Rs 30 Lakh/Year

Akash Chaurasia

Bundelkhand’s Akash Chaurasia has innovated a multi-layer farming structure, which saves 80 per cent water, while using less space. Watch how.

Taking inspiration from multi-storeyed buildings in cities, 32-year-old Akash Chaurasia’s farming methods are earning him Rs 30 lakh every year.

His farming method saves both space and water. Called multi-layer farming, Akash’s method allows farmers to grow multiple crops on a smaller piece of land.

As a young boy from Bundelkhand, Akash always dreamt of becoming a doctor. But his career path took a turn as he grew up. “I realised that the root of all illnesses is what we eat and drink. So, I decided to deal with the root of the problem through farming,” he says.

After speaking to several farmers, he found the major problem plaguing the farmers was a lack of water and space and weed growth.

As a solution to these problems, in 2014, Akash planted two layers of crops on the same piece of land to save space. He built a 6.5 feet structure out of bamboo and put a jaali (mesh) on top so the structure was partly exposed to sunlight and partly shaded, preventing evaporation and hence saving 80 per cent water.

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To combat weeds, he planted leafy crops like spinach, coriander and fenugreek.

With over 20 national awards under his name, Akash has given practical training to around 80,000 farmers and educated around 12 lakh others about multilayer farming. He also has a YouTube channel with informational videos to help farmers learn more about multilayer farming.

Want to know more about his journey? Watch this video: 

Edited by Pranita Bhat

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