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At Just 33, I Had Fatty Liver, High Cholesterol & A Chance to Transform My Lifestyle

At Just 33, I Had Fatty Liver, High Cholesterol & A Chance to Transform My Lifestyle

Ram Malampati, a software professional from Bengaluru was diagnosed with fatty liver and high cholesterol levels at an annual office health checkup. Here’s how he reduced his weight from 102 kg to 78 kg in four months.

August 11, 2022 — a day Ram Malampati cannot forget. It was the day he decided to turn his life around. After two years of COVID-19, his office decided to hold a health check-up for their employees. What was to be a regular day, turned out to be a bolt from the blue for this 33-year-old.

Ram’s medical reports indicated high cholesterol levels and a fatty liver. He had also gained more than 20 kg because of the sedentary lifestyle that came from working from home for two years.

Instead of letting the reports slide, the Bengaluru resident decided to take affirmative action. Heeding the doctor’s advice, he put a plan into action.

Now, four months later, Ram has lost 25 kg — from weighing 102.6 kg on 11 August, he now weighs 77.5 kg.

“Being at home for two years, I had no physical activity. Add to that ordering food from outside; I put on a lot of weight. But what shocked me was the health reports. I wasn’t expecting fatty liver or high cholesterol levels. The doctor recommended that I lose weight and make some lifestyle changes, and I decided to follow his advice,” says Ram in a conversation with The Better India.

The importance of portion control

Ram before and after the transformation
Ram lost 25 kg in four months after he noticed high cholesterol levels and fatty liver in his annual blood test.

As August 13-15 was a long weekend, the software professional didn’t waste any time. He started going for a walk on the 13th itself, and along with that, he made some dietary changes.

“At the hospital, they gave me a diet chart, but I didn’t find that sustainable. Instead, I decided to reduce my portions and cut down on rice, and I also reduced eating food from outside. Since walking is sustainable, I thought of starting with that,” adds Ram.

He started going for walks twice a day and replaced rice with millet options like ragi and jowar. Instead of regular idlis and dosas, he started consuming ragi dosa, ragi malt, and jowar rotis.

“I used to eat a lot of biryanis, pizzas, burgers, french fries etc. This unhealthy consumption combined with absolutely no physical activity caused my weight gain. So, I completely cut out on ordering these dishes; instead, my wife would make biryani at home on Sundays. As I cut down my portions, I would feel hungry in between meals. So, I started having buttermilk whenever I felt hungry,” adds Ram.

Starting with walks twice a day, he gradually increased his walking time.

Ram lost weight after being diagnosed with fatty liver.
Ram says his stamina improved after losing weight.

He would walk in the morning for more or less an hour and another hour in the evening. To do this, he had to make slight changes to his routine.

“As I logged in to work by 9:30 am, I used to get up by 8. To incorporate my walk, I started getting up by 6:30 am and went for a walk from 7-8 am. After work in the evening, I went walking for another hour from 6-7 pm,” says the software professional.

Ram started noticing changes in his stamina levels and weight within a month of this routine. “I found it difficult to even jog for 100 metres initially. Slowly, as I started walking, my stamina improved. Now, I can easily jog for 3 km without halting,” shares Ram.

Having been active till his college days, he just had to get back into the groove to see results.

“I grew up in a village in Andhra Pradesh. We had a big ground there and I would play all day. Even in my engineering days, I would play cricket and football. I weighed about 80 kg when I got married five years ago. Since we stopped going to the office, even that little activity stopped and may have caused this weight gain,” he says.

‘Consistency is key’

Ram before losing weight
Ram, when he weighed 102 kg in August 2022.

After losing about 6 kg in the first month, he was motivated to continue. He says that even if the results are slow, one must not lose heart.

“I had given myself three months’ time with this routine. Our bodies are different; if you don’t see results in the first month, don’t lose hope. Don’t give up. What’s important is being consistent. I would go for walks even on Sundays and maintain that 2.5 hours of walking daily,” he adds.

Ram plans to continue this routine and diet now as he has achieved his ideal weight. He credits his wife for his transformation as she motivated him and made healthy dishes.

“My wife stood behind me through my weight loss journey, and so, her support has been crucial. She ensured that I ate healthy every day,” he shares.

He says that he does indulge in the weekly dum biryani and pizzas, but all made at home. While eating outside, “we must choose wisely,” he says.

“When I eat outside, I have salads and soups. Even while having rice, I ensure that I have an equal amount of vegetables or curries. If you take a cup of rice, take a similar amount of veggies. We have also started making everything at home as it is healthier,” adds Ram.

The diet that changed the game

Breakfast at 10 am: Egg whites, ragi malt, and a fruit like an apple or pomegranate.

Lunch at 2 pm: Vegetable upma/one cup rice/chapati/ragi or jowar dosa/chicken or vegetable curry with carrot and cucumber salad.

Dinner: Fruit salad along with a chapati with vegetable curry.

In between: Lots of buttermilk mixed in a 1:3 ratio (curd : water).

(Edited by Pranita Bhat; Images Courtesy Ram Malampati)

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