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The Man Who Donated His Liver to Someone He Met on a Bus

Two men met on a bus journey in Kerala. Their friendship brewed and one of them donated his liver to save the life of another. Here is their heart warming tale of friendship.

We meet many people every day. Some become our friends, and with some we just exchange a glance. But here is the story of an extra ordinary friendship – the friendship which started with exchange of greetings on a bus journey, and turned into a lifesaving gesture.

Sreekumar, a fertiliser dealer from Puthukkodathu, Kerala was diagnosed with a liver disease and urgently needed a donor.

Hardly did he know that K. S. Ajeesh, a 32-year-old friend he made on a bus journey from Attappady to Mannarkkad, would turn out to be his life saver.


Photo: Facebook

Ajeesh and Sreekumar’s friendship brewed when they were sitting next to each other in a bus and started talking casually. Ajay works as a survey assistant with National Hydroelectric Power Corporation. During the conversation, Sreekumar told Ajeesh about his disease and how he has failed to find a donor within his family.

Sreekumar was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis four years ago, which grew into a tumour last year and was getting worse with each passing day.

The duo exchanged phone numbers and parted ways. But the friendship was not destined to be last just one trip. In fact, they started talking over the phone and when they met again after a few days, Ajeesh realised that Sreekumar did not have much time left.

Not willing to give up on his new found friend, Ajeesh decided to donate his liver. He did face a hard time convincing his family, but he was determined to help his friend in need.

The doctors finally performed the surgery on July 15 and Ajeesh was discharged after a couple of days. While Sreekumar is recovering in the hospital, he can’t thank his new friend and life saver enough for this extra ordinary gesture.

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