Homemaker Upcycles Bulbs, Basins to Create Lush Home Garden with Over 1000 Plants

gardener ruchi goel

Ghaziabad-resident Ruchi Goel explains how she upcycled household junk to create her home garden, and how she maintains it. Watch this video to see how.

It was in 2013 that Ghaziabad-resident Ruchi Goel tried her hands at gardening for the first time. As someone with no prior experience or interest in the activity, the homemaker’s only intention then was to preserve the memory of her late mother-in-law by nurturing the latter’s garden.

But soon, gardening became Ruchi’s favourite hobby. She started buying new plants and scoured the internet for tips to improve her garden.

One day, while cleaning the store room of her house, she came across several items that she felt had a scope of upcycling. This included her husband’s old scooter, children’s bicycles, light bulbs, and tyres.

The homemaker decided to use her artistic prowess to create magic with this household junk and incorporated them in the garden for a storybook look — they all serve as planters and decor. 

“People come here to enquire where I purchase these decorative items from. Some find it hard to believe that I made them from scrap, including my family,” she says.

The garden also has over 1,000 ornamental plants, and vegetables including radishes, chillies, brinjal and okra. It also has a pond around which she grows several aquatic plants including lotus. 

Ruchi shares her journey of creating this fairytale garden:

Edited by Divya Sethu

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