A Farmer’s Son & His Innovation are Helping Extend Shelf Life of Veggies Across India

Watch this video to see how Vaibhav Tidke, a farmer’s son, developed solar dryers to increase the shelf life of farm produce and minimise wastage.

From a young age, Vaibhav Tidke saw how farmers struggled due to a lack of storage options and facilities. Being a farmer’s son himself, this hit close to home. He decided to use his engineering background to do something about this crisis and developed a solution — solar dryers.

“In India, the post-harvest loss of fruits and vegetables is close to 60 million tonnes,” he says.

He explains how his technology does not simply help extend the shelf life of products but does so without adding chemicals and preservatives. He says that so far, it has been installed in 1,200 sites across the country, as well as overseas.

With a vision to feed 9 billion people by 2050, Vaibhav is on his way to building more sustainable solutions.

To understand how this technology works, check out the video:

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