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10 ‘Plant Influencers’ You Must Follow To Start Your Organic Urban Gardening Journey

10 ‘Plant Influencers’ You Must Follow To Start Your Organic Urban Gardening Journey

Amid the grey of high rise buildings and concrete, start your own journey as an urban gardener with these influencers on Instagram, who have the perfect hacks, tips, tricks and more.

How often have you craved some relief from the concrete that outlines the city? Or wished for a garden where you could escape for a breather from all that stress?

Here’s a list of ‘plant-fluencers’ who might be able to help — whether you are a novice when it comes to gardening, or already have quite the green fingers.

1. Ekta Chaudhary (

Ekta’s Instagram page is replete with hues of green and a pop of colours. If you are looking for gardening advice, or simply planning to turn your home corners into a pretty green nook, this is where you can get ample ideas.

Ekta also shares helpful tips, announces workshop sessions for plant enthusiasts, and more on her page.

2. Vinayak Garg (

Being a plant parent is no easy task. But if you’re looking to start your journey as one, Vinayak Garg has simplified the process by detailing what’s good for your greens, and what isn’t. When it comes to questions like “How much water do my plants require?” and “What should I do if I have a pest problem?”, Vinayak has got you covered.

3. Sumesh Nayak (@1500sqft_gardener)

Having planted different varieties of green in a 1,500-sq-ft space, Sumesh Nayak is the best example of how to go about creating a mini jungle in the urban city. With succulents, mulberry, monsteras and more, Sumesh’s forest is abundant.

He takes his followers through a visual feast as he goes on to speak of the different plants, fruit trees and more on his reels and pictures on Instagram. Viewers can also take a look at the journey of the plant and how it is performing.

4. Yashika Bisht (@palasah_jivika)

While her Instagram bio says she’s living a slow life in the Himalayas, Yashika’s Bisht’s profile is proof that even at heights and cold frigid conditions, plants can thrive.

Along with all things green, this plant enthusiast also sheds light on topics of sustainability, how life in the mountains really is, and more.

5. Annette Matthew (@geeksofgreen)

The lilt in her voice and the spark when she speaks of her plants is enough to convey to anyone how passionate Annette is about her collection. It doesn’t stop at her showing off the greens that she has grown, but she also goes on to share with her followers and other avid plant parents some tips that will help them care for their gardens.

Even if you are not someone who has a nursery to look after, scroll through her page for some calming green visuals.

6. Khushi Chaudhary (@khushis_balcony_garden)

Yes, you may not have the time to tend to a garden of your own or even have space for it in a busy city. A balcony garden could be the perfect solution to this — simple to maintain, and easily accessible in your own home. What’s more is that your home will start to feel cooler in summers, as the greens help in lowering the temperature.

Khushi helps her followers understand how to go about setting up such a garden and what it entails.

7. Priyanka (@colorsbypriyanka)

Gardening does not only need to be limited to caring for your plants in a corner of the home or terrace. You could even go in for a few DIYs that brighten up the living room, integrate your usual decor with creepers and bonsai, and liven up the vibe.

Priyanka’s page is all about how to experiment with plants by adding them to the decor and bringing the boho style back into the living room.

8. Aditi (@thegreenishaffair)

Aditi gives her Instagram community tutorials from start to end about growing various kinds of plants. Due to the vast difference in the requirements of different flora, plant parents and novices often find it tough to navigate this.

From growing mint and sunflowers, to tomatoes, strawberries, and more, everything is answered on Aditi’s page.

9. Madhavi Guttikonda (@mad_gardener_)

Madhavi sheds light on organic farming, sustainability, and other topics, along with sharing her own plant journeys and how she manages to maintain her garden.

As her posts suggest, there is nothing better than a good veggie feast with fruits and greens from your own garden!

10. Divya Kanwar (@indiangreendreams)

Everyone loves a good hack, and Divya Kanwar’s page gives you just that. She shares snippets of how you can improve your organic garden and different growing patterns for seasonal fruits.

When a plant gives good produce, she will also share how she managed to achieve it with her followers.

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