The ‘Gur’ Old Story of Why Jaggery is India’s Favourite Sweetener

jaggery health benefits

From laddoos to pithey, Indians have been using jaggery since time immemorial to sweeten their palate. It is now making a comeback, thanks to all its health benefits.

Known by several names — guda in Sanskrit, gud in Hindi and vellam in Tamil — jaggery, a natural sweetener, has many health benefits as well.

The cane sugar, made by evaporating freshly pressed sugarcane juice or palm sap, can help boost blood purification, improve digestion, and enhance lung and bone health. In fact, ancient ayurvedic texts, as old as 5,000 years, narrate jaggery’s benefits extensively.

With its peculiar colour and rich flavour, it is among the staple ingredients in traditional recipes of India, which produces more than 70% of the sweetener globally.

Kolhapuri jaggery from Maharashtra, Marayoor jaggery from Kerala, and Patali Gur from Bengal are some of the most unique varieties available in the country.

Why have Indians been returning to this traditional sweetener lately? Watch this video to find out: