How to Make Gift Wraps Out of Banana Leaves For Your Diwali Gifts


Looking for unique Diwali gifting ideas? Banana leaves are not just 100% environment-friendly and sustainable but also a very chic way to wrap your gifts this season.

It’s that time of the year when gifts and sweets are exchanged and what that also means is that a large amount of plastic and paper is used in just wrapping up the gifts. If you are looking for sustainable and eco-friendly ways of wrapping your gifts, we have just the solution for you – banana leaves.

Banana leaves are 100 per cent environmentally friendly and sustainable. They will degrade just like any other plant product once they’ve been discarded.

The other added advantages of using banana leaves include the easy availability, price point and uniqueness of packing your gifts. They will most certainly stand out and be noticed.

Here’s how you can be a bit more sustainable this Diwali:

Step 1: Pick a banana leaf based on the size of the gift you wish to wrap.
Step 2: Place the gift in the centre of the banana leaf.
Step 3: Wrap the gift using the banana leaf. You can use a string to tie it up.
Step 4: If needed, the sides can be folded in or you can leave it as is.
Step 5: If you wish to decorate the package, use any other natural ingredient you find around you.
Step 6: You can use flowers or even berries to decorate the package.

Here’s a video to show you a do-it-yourself (DIY) approach to gift wrap using banana leaves. Video courtesy from Madhushree Attal Rathi from Amravati (Maharashtra). You can catch more of her unique DIY ideas here.

If you know of other sustainable ways of packing your gifts, do write in to us.

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