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No Age for Dreams: 80-Yo Man Cycles 4500 Kms to Khardung La To Celebrate B’Day

Jose MP Thrissur to Ladakh

Watch the incredible journey of Thrissur's young-at-heart Josettan, who cycled 4500 kms from Kerala to Khardung La in Ladakh to celebrate his 80th birthday.

Kerala’s Jose MP turned 80 this month. To celebrate he used the occasion to prove that age is really just a number.

On 15 July, Jose (lovingly called Josettan) started a 4,500 km journey on a cycle. His goal was to travel from Thrissur to Ladakh to celebrate his birthday at Khardung La — the highest motorable road of India accessible to civilians.

Jose MP Thrissur to Ladakh
Jose MP | Image Source: Facebook

If you think that’s inspiring, wait till you hear his story.

This man, who reached his destination on 11 September, had been a regular smoker till the age of 40. But realising the ill effects of this habit, he decided to quit. Additionally, he decided to help others adopt a healthier lifestyle as well.

Since then, he has been raising awareness among youngsters to shun the consumption of drugs and cigarettes.

He took it upon himself to lead by example, and this year decided to go on a trying expedition to Ladakh and touch the youth of the country on his way. His efforts were aimed at spreading a message about the importance of physical fitness, exercise and living a clean life.

This initiative inspired many, including Gokul PR of Thrissur, who joined the octogenarian on his expedition.

Today, Josettan has celebrated a personal milestone owing to his strength. But he has also shown the world what a healthy, determined heart can achieve.

Watch this video to hear from the daring Jose MP about his expedition:

Feature Image: Twitter