TBI’s Brand of Sustainable Home Cleaners, The Better Home, Acquired by GlobalBees

Incubated in 2020 by The Better India, our safe, sustainable home care products brand now finds a new home! The Better Home (TBH), a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand by India’s largest

Incubated in 2020 by The Better India, our safe, sustainable home care products brand now finds a new home!

The Better Home (TBH), a Direct-to-Consumer (D2C) brand by India’s largest impact-focused platform, The Better India (TBI), was launched with a simple idea: that everyday household choices can significantly impact the world.

TBH household products are made with safe, non-toxic, naturally-derived ingredients that are safe not just for human health but also for the more significant well-being of the environment.

In a category that has seen no disruption in ages, TBH made a formidable splash, becoming a sustainable alternative to conventional, harmful products in homes across 400+ cities and towns in India.

With over 70,000 customers in just one year, they were the first brand to take back and recycle their packaging, pioneering the movement of sustainability and zero waste at this scale in India.

It is also probably the only D2C e-commerce company in the country to establish a successful subscription model, with almost 50% repeat orders.

The acquisition by GlobalBees will help sustain and accelerate the growth and momentum gained so far. GlobalBees, a newly launched house of brands, is focused on building an ecosystem of honest, loved brands for the Indian consumer. They will continue to innovate on the product formulation, recycling program, and sustainable packaging, focusing on building safer, more sustainable products for their customers.

The Better Home is their first acquisition. With its vast network, infrastructure and customer-centric expertise, Global Bees will drive further growth of this brand across more channels and even other countries worldwide.

Speaking on the announcement, Nitin Agarwal, CEO of GlobalBees, said, “People, purpose, passion and product define today’s brands and govern customer preference. The Better Home demonstrated the right mix of these, along with remarkable achievements. We at GlobalBees are excited to announce The Better Home as our first acquisition, and are committed to catapulting it into an international brand.”

Here is a snapshot of what folks like you have helped us achieve in this one year:

The Better Home products created from natural, plant-derived, non-toxic ingredients have made over 40,000 homes safer.

We have also prevented over 390 Million litres of water from contamination with harsh and dangerous chemicals and saved nearly 500,000 plastic bottles from reaching landfills.

The Better Home is one of several impact-focused businesses that Anuradha & Dhimant, founders of TBI & TBH, intend to build and scale. “Our vision at TBI is to build meaningful, purpose-led, scalable and ‘better’ businesses with the help of our massive community of over 200 Million readers. The Better Home was the first of this, and we will continue to build immensely impactful businesses focused on our community’s needs and direct insights that will scale quickly owing to the brand love we’ve garnered over the years by staying true to our ethos,” they said.

With this transition of TBH to GlobalBees, the founders are confident they have found a home for the brand that will further their core philosophy – to make sustainable lifestyles accessible to all.

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