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11 Natural, Sustainable, Zero-Waste Tools to Green Up Your Cleaning Routine

11 Natural, Sustainable, Zero-Waste Tools to Green Up Your Cleaning Routine

Conventional cleaning involves products that produce a whole lot of unnecessary waste — from contaminated wastewater to single-use wipes. Here's how to switch to a zero-waste cleaning routine.

Can you say that your house is truly clean if the process of cleaning it generates a whole lot of trash?

Cleaning is an activity that relies on a lot of accessories — from single-use aerosols, synthetic scrubbers, gloves and disposable wipes. These products are often made of flimsy plastic and generate a lot of unnecessary waste.

But it is possible and easy to switch to a sustainable cleaning routine without breaking the bank or making a compromising to hygiene. There are several cleaning accessories out there that are durable, natural, even biodegradable. Many of them are made of non-toxic materials that will not pollute your home with chemicals or add to your household’s waste.

‘The Better Home’ brought to you by ‘The Better India’

We created ‘The Better Home’ because you shouldn’t have to choose between non-toxic ingredients and effective cleaning. Our cleaners are safe for babies, pets, skin and our oceans.

Explore our range of powerful, earth-friendly cleaners here.

Here is a comprehensive list of products that you can find online:

Wooden Toilet Cleaning Brush

This sleek brush has a wooden handle that’s lightweight. The bristles are made of natural coir to which no artificial colours have been added. Besides being sturdy, the brush easily reaches all the hard-to-get-to corners and crevices of the toilet bowl. Kept dry, it lasts years. The best part: the handle and bristles are biodegradable.

Coir Dish Scrubbing Pad


The perfect sustainable alternative to steel wool and synthetic scrubbers, this scrubbing pad is made of natural coconut coir and rubber. It is free of chemicals and plastic, which means you can safely add it to your compost bin after use. It can also be used as mulch in your garden. It offers a good clean by removing grease and food particles effectively.

Stainless Steel Dustpan


Sturdy, lightweight and extremely durable, stainless steel dustpans are a sustainable substitute to plastic ones. They last years, withstand rough use and are not at risk of damage from their handles breaking off. It is highly recyclable, too.

Wooden Dusting Brush


Whether it is to get rid of dust, fibre, mud or fur, this long-bristled brush is a sustainable option. The handle is made of wood. It is lightweight and offers a good grip. It can be used for cleaning carpets, sofas, car interiors and windows. Ensure the brush is kept dry after use to prolong its life. After use, the handle can be composted and the bristles chopped off and added to your dry waste bin.

Aluminium or Stainless Steel Bucket


Say goodbye to flimsy plastic buckets and switch to a stainless or aluminium one instead. With their sleek design, sturdy handles and infinite recyclability, these buckets will last you a lifetime.

Repurposed Cleaning Rags and Dishcloths


There’s nothing quite as eco-friendly as upcycling old and used clothing, sheets and other household linens. With some basic sewing, they can be turned into rags for wiping and dusting surfaces or cleaning damp dishes. Instead of investing in sponge cleaners and dishcloths, why not raid your wardrobe for old t-shirts instead. Not only is this light on the pocket, but it also helps to extend the useful life of clothes by keeping them out of the trash.

Bamboo Toothbrushes


Old toothbrushes are great for cleaning hard-to-reach nooks and crannies, scrubbing in-between tiles and for washing jewellery, shoes and other smaller household articles. Bamboo toothbrushes, unlike plastic ones, come with compostable handles, and sometimes, with biodegradable bristles too.

Coir-Bristled Bottle Cleaning Brush


With its natural coir bristles and wire handle, this eco-friendly brush can be easily inserted into bottles, flasks, jars and cans. The bristles are compostable and the stainless steel wire handle can be recycled.

Coir and Wood Broom



Made by Palmera, this indoor broom comes with a sturdy wooden handle and high-density coir bristles that can sweep away dust, hair and fine particles. The ergonomic design reduces the risk of back strain as it allows the user to sweep while standing erect. It is suitable for a wide variety of floors including tile, marble and granite.

Utensil and Sink Cleaning Brush


Another Palmera offering, this multipurpose wooden brush with natural coir bristles is a useful kitchen tool. It can be used for scrubbing kitchen sinks and brushing dust and food particles off countertops. It can also be used to scrub dishes. The soft coir bristles are safe to be used on Teflon-coated, non-stick dishes as they do not scratch and damage them.

Coconut Fibre Broomstick



The humble broomstick is eco-friendly and easy to use. It was once a fixture in every Indian home but has gradually been replaced by plastic brooms. It is ideal for sweeping gardens, driveways and other outdoor areas. It is also useful to clean wet floors and bathrooms. Broomsticks are affordable, widely available and a great way to support the rural economy.

Green up your cleaning routine with The Better Home! This non-toxic, eco-friendly range contains a floor cleaner, toilet cleaners, laundry wash and dish liquid. Explore the complete range here.

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