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Announcing The Better India Forum


For a while now this website has been publishing stories and articles across various sectors. In most cases, the discussions amongst the readers have been limited to the comments section. We have realized, however, that there are many bits of information that don’t make it to our articles and hence our readers lose out on knowing about them. There is also the issue of limited resources and information that we can handle. In this context, we want to give you an easy platform to share positive news that you have come across, to share upcoming events which could be of interest to others, to share your ideas on how to make things better.

With this in mind, we have recently launched The Better India Forum. You can access it here:

The forum has 3 main themes – Events, News & Ideas and Organizations. While the first two are self-explanatory, the third theme, ‘Organizations’, is for you to share information about any organization (which you may or may not be associated with) that you believe is making a positive change.


We hope the forum will be of use to you. It requires a one-time registration (needed to counter spam) and well, that’s about it! In case you have any feedback about this, please do mail us at contact[at]thebetterindia[dot]com.


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