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Well Wishers Foundation: Enabling Education for Adults

Well Wishers Foundation: Enabling Education for Adults

WE start the New Year with an article focussing on what we continue to believe holds the key to bring a change in our country: Education. Elementary education has been

WE start the New Year with an article focussing on what we continue to believe holds the key to bring a change in our country: Education. Elementary education has been made compulsory for the children in our country, but what if they still want to study when they grow up and what if they do not have the resources to study?

The parents who do not send their children to school can generally be classified into two groups (a sweeping classification perhaps, but both these groups are large enough to be addressed) – one group comprises of those who are ignorant, who have no idea, no knowledge about the huge change education can bring in their life and their children’s future. The other belongs to the class of economically backward people, who can not afford to send their children to school. But with the upcoming education related laws and rights and efforts of the many, the roots of primary education is getting well-grounded (and we hope will take off as per plans!). However, at a later stage, when children grow up education is not free and there are many who bend their paths as per their financial needs. German Philosopher Erich Fronn had once said “Why should a society feel responsible only for the education of children, and not for the education of all adults of every age?”

Every individual in this society has a story to narrate, some moments to re-live, some past experiences that has turned their lives and there are some great people who have transformed their past experiences into an opportunity for others. Such is the inspiring narration of Mr. MNV. Murali Krishna, founder of Well Wishers Foundation, who is working as a Software Engineer in Deloitte Consulting India Pvt. Ltd. He believes that “The first expression of love is to serve” and says “Remember, if you ever need a helping hand, you’ll find one at the end of your arm. As you grow older you will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping yourself and the second for helping others”. When approached by The Better India, he gave a detailed explanation of his organization. Here is an extract of that discussion:

What was the idea behind Well Wishers Foundation?

An academically bright student aspired to complete his higher studies. But lack of money made his father to stop his education at the 10+2 level. However, the mother of the student did not lose hope and waited for a wish to come by her family’s way. Seeing the child’s enthusiasm to learn and shine high, a relative of the family came forward and agreed to support. The rest is history. The student went on to excel at academics and now is a successful software engineer. One good wish from the family’s relative made this possible. Having understood the pain and trauma of what he went through, the engineer set his aspirations focused on providing education and financial support to the meritorious poor students. If only, there were wishes allover to make this world a brighter place. How wonderful it is that nobody needs to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.

What is the main objective of your foundation?

To provide scholarships to students who are meritorious and in need of financial help.

Please detail us on the various projects Well Wisher Foundation is involved in?

Our main project is about providing scholarships to merit students. Along with that we have raised fund to aid Pallavi Old age home for food items and kitchen groceries. We have conducted free eye checkups camps for Govt. School Students and provided necessary treatment, medicine and spectacles. Till date, we have completed 2 camps in 2 different high schools.

How has the journey been so far? What have been the major challenges that came on your path?

Journey so far is good.
The two major challenges we have faced are:

  • Identifying needy students.
  • Finding volunteers who can spend their time in helping the foundation’s activities.

What is the carved future plan of action?

Education will be our focus in the near future as well. We will continue doing our best in these services for a better world. If we get more volunteers, we will extend our help towards remote locations. There are some activities which we are not able to start because of a lack of volunteers.

Would you like to share something with our readers?

I feel that all of us came to this world for a valuable purpose. Do something good before you go back. Always live with a passion. The first expression of love is to serve.

People who are interested to walk the road with Well Wishers Foundation or who require more information can send an email at: nmaradana[at]deloitte[dot]com

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