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100 Rupee Club: India’s smallest Social Change Fund

Almost every one of us has thought about giving. About charity. Many of us donate whenever we can to charities of our choice, whatever amount we can. That amount could help a child get an year’s education, clothes, etc. but the problem is donations like these are sporadic and intermittent. NGOs have to wait for funds and in the meanwhile have to keep their projects on hold.

To counter problems like these, Charities Aid Foundation (CAF India) has launched the 100 Rupee Club , India’s smallest social change funding initiative. Through a monthly commitment of Rs. 100 for 12 months, an individual can support CAF India’s social change fund. This initiative is specifically designed to develop strategic investment for achieving high and long term impact from social development projects.

Social Change Fund

Through 100 Rupee Club, one can support three thematic areas of livelihood promotion, education and health for greater impact. Objectives of the thematic areas are :

Livelihood Promotion

  • generate a macro perspective on livelihood promotion and fund appropriate activities.
  • develop common strategies and approaches with multiple stakeholders (government, corporate, financial institutions et al) so as to not replicate the services
  • support institutions with a focus on sustainability
  • address gender and class/caste issues while developing appropriate projects and programmes
  • reach the poorest and amongst them the most marginalized women


  • ensure significant improvement in the quality of primary and elementary education in India by working within existing government initiatives.
  • enhance capacity building and institutional support


  • improve quality and accessibility of key health services at facilities and within communities.
  • Increase capacities of communities, local governments, and local partners to effectively address local health needs.

100 Rupee Club is an effort wherein an individual partners with not just one but three Non profits for a longer term. One feels part of the inclusive growth that is happening vis-a-vis the development projects being undertaken by the non profits.

In other words, 100 Rupee Club is like a mutual fund of ‘giving’.

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