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6 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Lights to Brighten up Every Corner of Your Home

Lights for the living room, bedroom, balconies and foyers that not just add a dreamy touch but are also sustainable. Check them out!

6 Sustainable, Eco-Friendly Lights to Brighten up Every Corner of Your Home

We strongly believe that the light fixtures of a home can make or break the look of your space. Every area should have light fittings that provide just enough illumination, while adding to the overall aesthetics.

From wall lights to ceiling lights, table lamps to string lights, we bring you the best of the best should you want to redesign the way you want your house to shine. Interestingly, these are all eco-friendly, sustainable options that invariably offer a fair means of livelihood to the artisans who make them.

1. Hand-Carved Wooden Hand-Painted Table Lamp

eco-friendly lights

Perfect for bed-side reading or even just to add to the warm, cosy aesthetic of your living room, this wooden hand-carved table lamp from Craftbell is a work of art. It will appeal to those with a sustainable approach to home decor and what’s more, it’s made by the local artisans of Uttar Pradesh, who get to earn their livelihoods with each of their products sold.

2. Flute Wall Light

eco-friendly lights

Completely plastic-free and made of natural materials such as pinewood and terracotta, this elegant wall light from Earthen Wonder is just right to add a touch of retro look to your home. It is handmade by trained artisans, comes with 3W LED light fittings and is easy to mount. These cylindrical lights can be installed in your living area, dining area and even bedrooms.

3. Repurposed Colander Kitchen Light

eco-friendly lights

What can be better than a light for the kitchen that’s upcycled from one of the discarded kitchen essentials. This one from Rasta Creations is made using a repurposed colander, thereby reducing discarded stuff from reaching our landfills. The light helps to achieve a minimal, industrial look, whilst filling up the space with a warm and soothing light.

4. D’Mond Ceiling Pendant Light

eco-friendly lights

If you like a modern, edgy home decor look, try doing up your space with ceiling pendant lights. Made using terracotta shells, the decorative diamond-shaped pendant light has perforations that allow the light to seamlessly pass through. They’re handmade by trained artisans from West Bengal, and come with pre-fitted lights. They look stunning especially over dining tables.

5. Modern Classic Pendant Lamp

eco-friendly lights

If you can’t get enough of pendant lights and need them in open, outdoor spaces such as the balcony or the foyer, these handcrafted cane drop lights are just about right for it. Handmade from natural, eco-friendly materials by traditional artisans, they’re made of bamboo and have a beautiful dull golden finish. These ones are from Pink Apple and come fitted with either a bulb or LED light.

6. Bamboo Ball String Lights

eco-friendly lights

Whether you want to amp up your space with lights on a festive occasion, or want string lights on the walls of your room and living room to brighten up the decor, this 12 feet long, 40 piece colourful bamboo ball string lights is the perfect fit. It adds a dreamy look to your space without any effort, and will make you spend all your time at home. These ones are from Heart of Art, and are handmade from sustainably sourced bamboo with minimal processing.

Just getting some great light fixtures for your home can really change the mood, vibe and the look. Try it if you’ve been feeling that your home decor lacks lustre.

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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