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Under the Mango Tree: Organic Social Enterprise

Indian agricultural practices have traditionally been organic where farmers followed organic cultivation till the advent of the Green Revolution in the 1950s. The revolution transformed the country from a food deficient to a self sufficient nation with production of food grains increasing, from 50.82 mt( metric tonne) in 1950-51 to 212.05 mt in 2003-04. But indiscriminate and excessive use of chemicals during this period has put a serious question mark on the sustainability of agriculture. The madness for high yields and pest resistance has made our fruits and vegetables as toxic as never before.

Organic Farming seems to be one of the options which addresses soil, environment and human health issues in a holistic manner.

With a vision to support organic farming and farmers, Under the Mango Tree was established by Ms. Vijaya Pastala.

UTMT partners and supports rural farmers, producer networks and communities across India producing organic certified, chemical free agricultural and forest products based on fair trade practices.

The enterprise provides technical and capacity inputs as well as provision for start up capital for rural entrepreneurs, farmers and then markets the products under the UTMT brand.

The product portfolio includes International Organic Certified ( USDA NOP , EEC 2092/91 and NPOP) cereals, pulses, cotton, tea, herbs and spices and botanicals such as aloe vera, soap nuts , honey and beeswax.

The Hive, a UTMT initiative to promote community based bee keeping with a vision to augment the income of rural households and improve livelihoods.

UTMT supports, trains and partners with beekeepers across the country in the production and marketing of high quality gourmet Single Flora honey.

Single Flora Honey retains it’s unique, natural flavours which are directly influenced by the nectar gathered by bees from flowers they visit, climate and location of their hives.

One could get flavours that are truly out of the ordinary – the Desert Bloom from the arid regions of Rajasthan , Wild Forest from the holy forests of Narmada river valley to the Litchi straight from the litchi orchids of Muzzarpur’s Terrai lands .

The Hive offers a fabulous annual subscription offer for Rs. 1700(within Mumbai) wherein you get a different variety of honey every month at your door step. Call 9833154478 or email at for further details.

Check out their website :

All images copyrighted by Under  the Mango Tree

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