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Lifeless, Dry Hair? Here Are Natural Ways to Make Them Gorgeous Again

Lifeless, Dry Hair? Here Are Natural Ways to Make Them Gorgeous Again

Our hair goes through a lot -- dust, pollution and many harmful chemicals. Without adequate love & care, they tend to grow dull, dry and lifeless. Is a natural solution possible? Let’s find out.

Big flakes that look like dandruff, weak, limp and frizzy hair, split-ends. If you have two or more of these issues, know that your hair is dry and crying for help and some natural moisture.

What causes dry hair?

dry hair natural care

Our hair falls victim to dirt, dust, pollution, chemicals and less-than-adequate care. Add to that the chemicals in our shampoos and conditioners and you get a scalp unable to secrete essential oils that keep it moisturised and healthy.

You also won’t be doing any favours to your hair by using the wrong products or excessively styling it with hot rods and straighteners. The extremely high temperatures burn the natural oils released by your scalp and consistent overheating may lead to dry, brittle hair.

Provide it with the right, chemical-free care. Click on this link to browse through our collection of natural hair care products.

How do you fix dry hair?

dry hair natural care

  • Indulge in hair massages. They increase the blood circulation in your scalp, catalysing the secretion of essential oils.
  • While coconut oil is a staple in most Indian households, if your hair needs extra pampering, go for oils that contain nourishing ingredients like amla, almond oil, bhringraj or hibiscus. Try this natural hair oil designed to nourish dry scalp for gorgeous locks you will love to flaunt.
  • We all love to take long hot shower once in a while. But limit the frequency because these showers take away the moisture and oils from your scalp, which leaves it dry, and your hair, damaged.
  • Until you fix your dry hair, try not to style it in tight buns or ponytails. Tight rubber bands and clips tend to put pressure on your hair, and if brittle, your hair will break easily.
  • If you frequent highly polluted areas or places with too much dust, protect your hair with a thick scarf or a hat.
  • Treat your hair and scalp to a spa of sorts every weekend. Hair masks designed for dry hair are your best bets, to begin with. This hair mask, for instance, contains fenugreek, hibiscus, rosemary and jatamansi extracts, among other things. It is also chemical-free!
  • Trim your hair regularly and don’t let split ends occur.
  • Parabens and sulfates in ordinary hair care products are notorious for exhausting all essential oils from your scalp. Switch to chemical-free shampoos instead and notice a positive difference in your beautiful hair.
  • For long term effects, add nourishing fruits, seeds and herbs in your diet. A balanced, healthy diet will improve blood circulation in your body, and that will show positive results on your scalp and dry hair too!
  • Remember to remove all the accessories from your hair before you sleep. They may lead to more breakage.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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