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Frizzy Hair Coming in the Way of Your Gorgeous Look? Here’s How to Control It Naturally

Frizzy Hair Coming in the Way of Your Gorgeous Look? Here’s How to Control It Naturally

Frankly, my dear, you don't need to spend thousands on spa treatments. Frizzy hair just needs some attention and love- and we're decoding this cry of help for you

You walk out of the steam-filled bathroom, with a towel wrapped around your hair, fervently hoping that this time your shampoo and conditioner have created magic, as promised. Unfortunately, that does not happen, and a few hours later, you are shaking your head⁠ full of ⁠frizzy hair, wondering what could have possibly gone wrong.

Have you been in such a situation, and desperately know how to tackle frizzy hair? Read on!

Want to take a shortcut to hydrated, non-frizzy hair? Here’s a collection of harmful-chemical free hair creams to keep them tame.

What causes hair to frizz?

frizzy hair wooden comb


The root (get it?) cause of frizzy hair is moisture deprivation, and the frizz occurs when your hair rises in an attempt to absorb it from the atmosphere.

The chemicals in hair products and an irregular hair care routine may be two primary reasons behind the lack of moisture, but scalding showers are also to blame as they extract natural oils from your scalp.

When this happens, just like plant roots extend themselves in the direction of water, the outermost layer of our hair rises in search of moisture from its surroundings.

This “uprising” is frizzy hair.

Give your hair the hydration it is desperate for sans the harmful chemicals. Here’s your one-stop kit for complete hair care.

How do I fix frizzy hair?

frizzy hair

  • Turn down the temperature of the shower. You don’t need to take a cold shower but just turning the heat from steaming hot to warm is the first step in reducing the probability of frizzy hair.
  • Do not rub the towel roughly on your hair because this disrupts the cuticle, making your hair prone to frizz. Instead, pat it dry gently. If you love blow-drying your hair, wait till your hair is about 80-90% air-dried before you switch on the hairdryer.
  • Throw out your plastic comb and replace with a wooden comb. The wooden comb does not create static as plastic does, and so helps your hair stay tame. Since it tends to have wider bristles, the wooden comb also keeps your natural essential oils intact, unlike the plastic ones. We love the wooden neem combs by Tora Creations (Rs 300 for a pack of 2) because they retain essential oils in your hair while also keeping them tame and super soft.
  • Make sure your hair is always hydrated. Regular champis will not only relieve stress but also keep your hair frizz-free.

How do you treat frizzy hair naturally?

frizzy hair

Replace shampoos that are full of parabens and sulfates and make your hair thirsty as soon as they get dry, with natural, sulfate-free products retain moisture so you can walk out of the bathroom frizz-free and worry-free!

Click on this link to choose from a wide variety of natural shampoos.

Make sure you deep condition your hair regularly⁠—if you cannot do it every time you shampoo, do it at least once a week. Follow this link to browse through hair care products that will help you.

If washing, conditioning and air-drying aren’t enough, try going for natural hair serums that will tame your manes and make them look like princess Jasmine or Belle’s gorgeous locks. Here’s a range of such products.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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