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10 Healthy Snacks Perfect for Your Office Desk!

10 Healthy Snacks Perfect for Your Office Desk!

You're a nightmare for your co-workers when you're hangry. Sort yourself out with these healthy snacks!

Hunger slowly creeps up on you at the most unexpected of times. Right after you enter office after a long commute, a little before lunch-time, and oftentimes between 4-6pm when you feel you could well eat a tree. If you don’t want to overeat or binge-eat, and are getting serious either about weight loss or weight management, then the smartest thing to do is not to disregard the hunger pangs and reach for some snacks but not just any snacks…….


Enter: Healthy snacks! What these do is that they can satiate your hunger in a couple of handfuls, while also providing you with vital nutrients and minerals.

We have curated a list for you that will ensure you never get a chance to go hangry in office:

Spicy Millet Cookies

Healthy office snacks

These are not your traditional sickly sweet cookies. They are in fact made with millets and enhanced with rich Indian spices such as jeera, sesame, chilli and coriander. Millets are loaded with antioxidants and magnesium that keep your heart and gut healthy. You don’t have to think twice before reaching out for them during tea-time!

Jaggery & Black Sesame Laddoos

Healthy office snacks

Got a sweet tooth? Eat these ladoos. Devoid of artificial preservatives or sweetners, these ladoos are made using fresh ingredients such as black sesame, groundnut and palm jaggery. They’re bite-sized and make for a great dessert especially after lunch. Don’t be surprised if you find your co-workers being extra friendly with you upon seeing this on your desk.

Lemon & Ginger Dark Chocolate

Handmade using sustainable ingredients, this bar of dark chocolate is sublime beyond measure. The lemon and ginger fused with dark cocoa melt in your mouth, giving your sugar craving that much-needed break. You earn karma points for choosing this one because the brand’s a certified USDA organic and fair trade compliant, helping the farmers earn a decent living.

Natural Ragi Chips

Healthy office snacks

Here’s your answer to those mid-day hunger pangs. These ragi chips are non-fried, don’t have added preservatives or artificial flavours, and are packed with iron and calcium. These chips are made by using whole grain ragi flour that are seasoned with rock salt and black pepper, spread thin, and finally crisped to perfection.

Peppery Pumpkin Seeds

Healthy office snacks

Packed with powerful antioxidants and high on fibre, pumpkin seeds make for the perfect health snacks. A handful a day will ensure you have improved heart health, blood sugar levels, fertility and sleep quality. They’re also known to improve energy, mood and immunity. Get them a place on your desk, today!

Cocoa Nibs & Nuts Trail Mix

Healthy office snacks

Choc-full of almond, walnut, cashew, citrus flakes and cacao nibs, this trail mix is sumptuous as it is nutritious. It is completely oil-free, making it an excellent alternative to junk food and comes packed with proteins, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Dry Fruits With Honey

Healthy office snacks

Meant to be enjoyed straight out of the jar, these delicious dry fruits are nutritious and healthy. It’s a mix of dates, almonds, raisins, cashew and wild honey and is great for anybody looking for the perfect evening snack. They are devoid of any added preservatives, or chemicals, so you can munch on them without any worry.

Jaggery Banana Chips

Healthy office snacks

Made using organic jaggery and banana – two natural chemical-free ingredients – these banana chips marry tasty and healthy in good measure. The banana chips come coated with jaggery and are an excellent alternative to processed snacks available in the market. Just delicious, we say!

Organic Peanut Butter With Seeds

Healthy office snacks

Do you like to eat an apple for a snack? May we suggest you try dunking it in some crunchy peanut butter the next time for that extra kick. It brings you extraordinary taste with a good dose of protein! Try it. It’s a whole different experience altogether.

Fruit & Nut Granola Bar

Healthy office snacks

Granola bars are a favourite across age-groups and demographics. These are the best to satiate your cravings when you’re having a particularly long day. Made from nutritious, whole ingredients such oats, toasted wheat germ, dates, almond, sunflower seeds, raisins, apricots, blackcurrants and cashew, they are a must-have at your desk!

So, there you go. There’s no need for you to go crazy when hunger strikes the next time you’re at work. We’ve done the research. You only have to stock-up.

(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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