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Why Just Steel? 5 Cooking Materials That Can Make Your Food Healthier!

Loaded with antioxidants, minerals and nutrients, these cooking materials can make your food healthier and even repair your skin!

Why Just Steel? 5 Cooking Materials That Can Make Your Food Healthier!

Over the years we’ve transitioned from wooden utensils to steel, aluminium and today, non-stick utensils reign supreme in homes everywhere.

With studies proving that some of these materials can harm your health, it’s time to switch immediately to healthier alternatives that provide many benefits including skin repair, digestion and are even abundant in antioxidants.

Here are 4 fantastic alternatives to your ordinary cookware that can make your food healthier.

1. Wooden Cutlery

Wooden cutlery has always been a better alternative to any other type of cutlery in the kitchen. Be it a ladle, spatula or a serving spoon; wood will never let you down.

Steel cooking tools tend to leave scratches on non-stick pans, but with wood, you can keep that worry aside and mix away. The rounded ends give you a good grip and feel comfortable in your hand as opposed to your ordinary steel ladles.

In a study comparing plastic utensils and wooden utensils, it was also found that the rate at which bacteria died on wood was almost ten times that of plastic. This inbuilt property of wood can keep your food healthy and free from unwanted germs.

Compared to other utensils, wooden kitchenware doesn’t conduct heat. If you leave a wooden spoon in a boiling dish, it will stay cool compared to the steel spoon that’ll end up giving you a burning hand or plastic that’ll melt into your dish. Wood is also an inert material, so it won’t react in acidic foods.

Fun fact: Keeping a wooden spoon on top of a boiling pot can prevent it from overflowing. It pops the bubbles and gives you enough buffer time to turn down the heat!

You can find a range of hand-carved wooden cutlery and kitchenware that supports rural artisans here.

2. Copper Utensils and Bottles

Many studies have proven that drinking water from copper bottles can aid digestion because of its power to kill infectious bacteria. It is also said to help in weight reduction because of copper’s ability to break down fat. The antioxidants present in copper are also great for your skin and reduces ageing.

When it comes to cooking in copper vessels, it has been proven that it conducts heat twenty times better than steel, making your food evenly heated and cooked.

Eating in copper vessels has also been recommended due to their antimicrobial properties. Harmful microorganisms and other bacteria cannot survive in copper and therefore prevents the transmission of germs from food.

Do check out these designer copper bottles that will surely make you drink that water.

3. Cast Iron Utensils

If you’ve inherited cast iron pots and pans from your ancestors, hold onto them with your life. Cast iron that has been around for more than 2000 years and cannot be compared to other materials for its safety and durability.

If the cast iron pan is seasoned well, it makes an excellent alternative to non-stick pans and requires very little oil while cooking. Iron pans also give you the freedom to cook on a high flame and relatively easier to maintain.

But the best part about these iron cast cookware is that they are a lot cheaper than copper and gives you a ton of benefits.

From dosa tavas to kadais, you can check out a range of cast iron cookware here.

4. Brass Vessels

If you’re looking for ways to improve your strength and immunity, switching to brass utensils can make a significant difference. The minerals in brass can also improve your haemoglobin levels and can help repair skin damages and regain its natural glow.

Similar to copper, drinking water from brass vessels and bottles can improve your overall health and give you more minerals and nutrients.

5. Clay Bottles

Clay being a porous material circulates moisture and heat throughout the vessel, which makes your food evenly cooked and super healthy. The material also keeps the flavour and aroma of your food intact. It also adds magnesium, sulphur and calcium to your food making it all the more nutritious.

Besides vessels, storing your water in clay bottles keeps it cool and being alkaline in nature, clay can balance out the acid properties of water and maintain the PH value.

Do check out this clay bottle that is travel-friendly and can carry a day’s water.

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(Edited by Gayatri Mishra)

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