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College Life Got You Down? 5 Natural & Wholesome Ways to Beat The Stress

College Life Got You Down? 5 Natural & Wholesome Ways to Beat The Stress

Classes, assignments, projects and extracurriculars take center-stage during college and self-care is often forgotten. Here's how to put yourself first.

Time spent in college is considered among the ‘golden years’ of life. But clearly, no one accounted for the stress that comes with being a twenty-something attending classes, turning in assignments, looking up extracurriculars, playing sports, and staying updated with pop culture—all while juggling a social life.

No wonder a study found that stress, anxiety and depression are growing more common among adolescents. There are many medical solutions, and we highly encourage you to seek professional help. In the meanwhile, as support, here are some natural stress-busters you could add to your daily routine.

1) Sip, don’t simmer

Are you even a millennial if you haven’t gushed about the restorative properties of peppermint, lavender or moringa tea? Whether you drink a warm cup to aid you in meditation or to calm your nerves after a long day, research suggests that drinking tea lowers cortisol (the stress hormone) in our bodies.

Choose from a variety of blends and let the goodness of these beverages rejuvenate you. Try a cup every morning and evening to get an instant boost.

2) Don’t forget your greens

Skipping breakfast, buying an unhealthy snack on the go, not drinking enough H2O—if that sounds like you, then this super greens powder is just the thing you need to slay in college!

This potent mix contains moringa leaves, barley grass, wheatgrass, alfalfa, amla, stevia, spirulina, matcha, and spinach to meet your daily veggie requirement. These green powders are rich in proteins and minerals that will improve your immunity and boost your energy, keeping you always on top of your game.

Just mix it in water or add to a juice or smoothie, and you’re ready to face the world!

3) Snooze, don’t lose

Late nights are typical in college, whether for last-minute submissions, those never-ending gossip sessions or while binge-watching your favourite show. Getting your prescribed 7-8 hours of ‘zz’ does not feature on your list of priorities.

Studies show that sleep deprivation causes severe physical and mental damage, including increased anxiety and depression. But worry not, because this natural sleep roll-on is just the solution you need.

Made from pure essential oils like lavender, ginger and geranium, this blend will help you sleep like a baby. Now bid those sleepless nights goodbye and wake up fresh each morning!

4) Write those thoughts away

The years at college are so eventful it may seem like you’re on a roller coaster ride—semester exams often scheduled alongside much-awaited inter-college events, and so forth. Amidst all this madness, you can quickly lose track of yourself.

But we have a solution, and it’s something that you already knew, just probably forgot. Revive your childhood habit of journaling, using the medium of pen and paper to get in touch with your emotions.

Made from handmade paper, this notepad set will safeguard all your dreams, and probably even replace your best friend. It comes with a pack of five pencils made from recycled paper and a seed pen that you can plant, so that you can write your heart out. Complete the look with the reusable cloth bag, and rest assured, nothing can get you now.

5) Get outdoors

Gym, classes, projects… spending a significant part of your time indoors is bound to leave you feeling claustrophobic. Why not spend some time outdoors in your backyard or terrace garden and get your hands dirty?

You could begin with this grow-it-yourself sunflower kit, a reminder to always face the sun. And later, when you’re confident enough, try this microgreens kit.

The relationship that millennials share with their houseplants has been a cause of envy among older generations, combining a leisurely activity with a mindful pursuit.

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Be ready to wow your classmates! Here’s wishing you a calmer and stress-free new year at college!

(Edited by Vinayak Hegde)

Featured image source: Shutterstock

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