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Who Says Waste Is Dirty? Bengaluru, Teach Your Kids How to Compost in 2.5 Hours!

Who Says Waste Is Dirty? Bengaluru, Teach Your Kids How to Compost in 2.5 Hours!

Wet waste bad? No! Wet waste good. Keep your kids ahead of the grid with this composting workshop

In May this year, a 7-year-old ran enthusiastically in the Daily Dump store in Bengaluru, his parents in tow. He had a book in his hands that he proudly showed to the adults in the room. This young schoolboy had prepared an activity workbook all by himself. The topics of all the mazes, drawings and puzzles he had conceptualised were about composting and the insects and organisms involved in it.

“Someone gifted him a storybook called the Magic Gamla Pot which explores the activity of composting and its importance. This book influenced him so much that he persuaded his parents to get a compost kit and start recycling all the kitchen waste. He also started gifting Daily Dump’s storybooks to all his friends on their birthday,” explains Kiran Ayathan who works with the eco-initiative shares with The Better India.

Such amazing impact stories reinforces the Bengaluru organisation’s belief that if given the right direction, children can get excited about activities like composting. And so, they hold workshops for kids. Teach your young one the art of recycling wet waste! Click here to book a place for them now.

Wet waste bad? Wet waste good!

It’s filthy, it’s yucky, it has pests, we teach our children all sorts of things about wet waste to keep them away from it. Sadly, it takes years for them to realise that wet waste is actually a resource to add fertility to the soil.

Bengaluru’s Daily Dump wants to get kids involved in composting their kitchen waste from a young age. For the past 4-5 years, they have been organising short workshops for young kids and showing them how wet waste can be converted into fertiliser to feed their gardens.

“We want to get them started early. Aerobic composting can be quite easy with the right guidance and, so far, we have taught over 1,500 school children how they can turn their trash into treasure. Savitha GV, who has been with us for the past 11 years, will be leading this weekend workshop,” Kiran shares.

Get your kids involved in an activity that helps them, you and the planet! Book their slots in the Bengaluru workshop now!

Bengaluru, get composting!

Composting can be a topic of concern for parents who believe that stinging bees, biting ants or infection-carrying flies wander around the bins. But Kiran shares that they need not worry.

“The aerobic composting method that we will be covering fosters the black soldier flies and maggots – that actually feed on the house flies that potentially carry diseases. These flies and maggots are completely harmless and the kids can touch them without any fear,” she says adding that usually kids are disgusted or at least afraid of the maggots at first but as the session progresses, they shed all their inhibitions about the insects. This also helps them learn that not all insects are bad – some might also be beneficial for our well-being!

Want your little one to be fascinated by nature’s miracles? Get their slot booked in the workshop now!

What to expect in the workshop:

Kiran strongly urges parents to give their kids the freedom to enjoy the workshop with others of their age group. “Children tend to behave differently when adults are around. When they are in the same age group, they seem to be more in control, more vocal and more open. Parents are free to catch a movie or just take a stroll in our organic garden or shop,” she says.

The workshop will be 2 and a half hours long. This will include a short animated movie, games and hands-on activity of planting a seed and composting. At the end of the session, they will be given a take-home kit as well as a sprouted seed that they have planted!

Your kids’ weekend plan is sorted! Get their best friends and cousins in too! Click here to know more about the location, price and book their slots now!

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(Edited by Saiqua Sultan)

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