This Man Is Using Comedy to Open Our Eyes to Racism Against Northeast India

Abhineet Mishra, a comedian from Shillong, highlights the prejudices faced by the people of Northeast India through his eye opening comedy pieces!

The Seven Sisters of India have always been a part of the country. Yet, they are often treated as a separate entity by those who constantly stereotype them. Grouping people who belong to Northeast India with Chinese citizens, and jumping to conclusions about how they eat, dress, or behave, has been an all too true reality in our country.

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Using humor as a vehicle, an eye-opening skit by Abhineet Mishra, who hails from Shillong, brings to light these prejudices. He plays on the frequent misconceptions that have time and again been forced upon the people, reminding us that it is high time we stopped marginalising a very important part of our country.

You can watch the video below.

This isn’t the first time that Abhineet has addressed the issue of racism against Northeast India. In a stand up comedy session last year, he released a video which hilariously, yet realistically, depicted how the rest of India looks upon the states.

You can watch it, below.

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