Video: These Kerala Elephants Drink Here Everyday– The Reason May Shock You

The tuskers of Anakulam have been coming to this watering hole for years. Interestingly, the all drink from the same spot, leading to all kinds of stories!

Watering holes have been the gathering place for all sorts of animal species, and the water stream at Anakulam, a small village in Kerala, is no different. The stream is frequented by elephants of all sizes, but that isn’t what makes it special.

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Legend has it that by drinking the water of the stream the elephants get a certain ‘high’, and the sight is a spectacle to behold!

For nature lovers, this is the perfect place to relax and take in nature at its best, and also a once in a lifetime opportunity to see elephants like never before!

You can know more about the tuskers of Anakulam by watching the video below!

Featured image courtesy: Wikimedia Commons

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