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Leaving Your Home for a Vacation? This App Will Keep Police Eyes on It
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Leaving Your Home for a Vacation? This App Will Keep Police Eyes on It

The Locked House Monitoring System app by the Andhra police has become a tool for fighting crime

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Wouldn’t be nice if you know your house was safeguarded by the police while you are happily vacationing? The Andhra Pradesh police have rolled out a crime-fighting app that does just that!

The Locked House Monitoring System app—LHMS AP Police app is a reassurance to people with troubled minds. It was introduced in August 2017 and has seen an incredible response from people.

The working of LHMS app is very simple. You can login to the app and inform the police that you are leaving the house for a prolonged period, with your address and contact details submitted earlier on. The cops will then install a CCTV camera at your home, and the feed will be monitored by the Command Control Center of the Police.


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This initiative came as a response to earlier findings by the police, which suggested that most cases of robbery occurred in locked houses in localities that saw little to no movement of people nearby.

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Over 3.5 lakh citizens have registered, and over 11,000 have availed of this service. According to the police, the app has received a positive response from people, and they hope that it will cause a drop in robbery and burglary cases.

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With this initiative gaining traction, the Andhra Police have decided to present this operational beta-system to President Ram Nath Kovind during his visit to the Real-Time Governance State Center in Amaravati, AP on December 27, 2017.

This crime-fighting app can be applied to a larger scale from districts to states and in time, the whole nation, which could take the standards of public safety to newer levels.


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