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Mumbai Metro to Launch India’s First Mobile Ticketing System. Goodbye, Long Queues!

OnGo will be particularly convenient for commuters wanting to purchase tokens or passes while not being at the Metro station.

Mumbai Metro commuters will no longer have to carry their smartcards, stand in long queues to buy tickets or monthly passes to ride the city’s Metro. All they need is a smartphone.

In a move to ease commuter woes, Mumbai Metro One announced the launch of India’s first mobile ticketing system, OnGo, on Wednesday.

Photo Source: Wikimedia Commons

This system will help commuters pass the AFC (automated fare collection) gates using their mobile phones, an official told The Indian Express.

The commuters will be able to buy tickets or monthly passes using the Mumbai Metro app on their smartphone. Once they make the payment using their mobile wallet or e-wallet, a QR code will be generated. The gate’s sensor will then scan this code and let them access the platform.

“The new feature, the only one of its kind in the country, will add to the overall Metro experience of the commuters. We will endeavour to introduce even more customer-centric benefits in future,” a Mumbai Metro One spokesperson told the publication.

OnGo will be particularly convenient for commuters wanting to purchase tokens or passes while not being at the Metro station. The other benefits include: commuters can generate a QR code for journeys planned a week in advance. Apart from the app, tickets can also be bought through the payment partners’ apps.

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The officials, however, do not plan to stop the sale of single and return journey tokens, 45-trip monthly passes and store value passes over the counter, reported The Hindustan Times.

“Most popular Metros in the world such as the London underground and the New York and Singapore subways use mobility cards,” a senior official told the publication.

The mobile ticketing system will also be introduced in the Delhi and Kolkata Metros soon.

According to the officials, over 15,000 smartcards are bought daily by commuters. “The benefits of this new system are enormous. No longer will 1.60 lakh commuters have to wait in queue,” the official said.

The system is currently in its advanced stage of testing and will be launched by mid-August.

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