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A Manipal-Based Company Has Developed This Unique ‘Sweet Cake’ to Kill Mosquitoes

A Manipal-Based Company Has Developed This Unique ‘Sweet Cake’ to Kill Mosquitoes

Blackfrog Technologies has come up with an interesting solution for exterminating larvae that pile up in the rainwater puddles.

While most of us desperately wait for monsoon to get a respite from the gruelling summer heat, with the season comes along a variety of diseases thanks to stagnant rainwater puddles.

A Manipal-based product development company has been working on a project for the last six months that can help exterminate larvae laid by mosquitoes on the rainwater puddles.

For representational purpose only. Source: MaxPixel.

Blackfrog Technologies has come up with a unique concept of larvicide cakes, devised by PhD scholar Dr. Dhoolappa Melinamani from KVAFSU Institute, Shivamogga that can get rid of the larvae within a span of 12 days when thrown in water.

“We use the feathers of chicken, which is basically poultry waste. While most larvicides could harm other insects like grasshoppers, the cake only targets mosquitoes, black flies and fungus gnats. It’s so well-formulated that it’s okay for your pet to drink the water too”, Mayur Shetty, who is the CEO of Blackfrog, told Edex.

With the project in its field-evaluation phase, the 24-year-old also added that the 12-member team were discussing their innovation with the folks in Udupi Panchayat, where it can be extensively put to use.

A hatchling under the Manipal University Technology Business Incubator (MUTBI), a university initiative, Blackfrog Technologies was co-founded by Mayur and Donson D’Souza in 2015, with an aim to not just provide a platform for innovator and entrepreneurs, but also for the purpose of employment within the city.

You can get in touch with Blackfrog Technologies on Facebook or write to them at

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