Khabar Lahariya – A Weekly Newspaper in Bundeli

Khabar Lahariya a weekly newspaper in Bundeli (local dialect of Bundelkhand) is being run by a group of women from various sections of the society from the interiors of Chitrakoot and Banda in Uttar Pradesh. Their main objective is to reach out to the nearby villages and provide them with ‘infotainment’.

Despite having a limited exposure to the literacy and information, their ability to interact with various people in public sphere and coming up with innovative ideas is extremely remarkable. Their works have been acknowledged and credited by leading National Dailies including The New Indian Express, The Hindu, Hindustan Times, Tehelka and various other dailies and weekly’s.

In 2008, the Khabar Lahariya group registered themselves as an independent organization, Pahal. With the incredible support from Nirantar, which is an acclaimed centre for gender and education, Pahal has now found its place in rural women’s media collectives of our country.

Khabar Lahariya carries out news that is of primary importance to the masses in and around these areas. Although they do have sections regarding current affairs, national and international news, they strongly highlight the cases of violence against women, issues on Dalits and more. This 8-page newsletter also covers issues on institutions like schools, marriage, health care and more.

Although these journalists do not come from strong literary background, they do ensure the quality does not receive a set back. Significant efforts have been made in order to improve their technical skills, their reporting and writing skills and more. Apart from the above, they also encourage public interactions and gather inputs to cater to the specific needs of the women. Meanwhile, frequent workshops are also being conducted by these women to encourage more writers and volunteers to have an in hand practical experience of running a newspaper.

Depending on the need of the hour, they hold meetings at their editorial office to divide their beats and after enormous research and writing they go all the way to the nearest city Allahabad for printing.

Click on the image below to read an issue of Khabhar Lahariya:

These phenomenal revolutionaries, who have gone beyond their capacity to go on fields, have received the prestigious Chameli Devi Jain Award for Outstanding Woman Mediaperson. Also, three members of the group have received fellowships from the Dalit Foundation in 2004, for reporting on issues related to rights of the Dalit community.

Overwhelming technological cloud has also been bestowed upon the offices of KL as they now work on computers with broadband connections. The challenge of consistently making an outstanding appearance in the face of media and having an unbiased opinion regarding the political scenario of our country comes very easily to them. They aren’t restricted in writing what their leaders want them to write. They write information regarding subjects that pertain to them. Hats off to the women behind this initiative, they have managed to achieve what many of us with enough resources have been unable to do!

Read more details about Khabar Lahariya, including how the paper is produced, edited and distributed at Nirantar’s website: NIRANTAR

This article written by guest reporter Jheel Parekh.
All images courtesy NIRANTAR.

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  • Imran

    I am really impressed with the kind of (true) work these guys are doing in the field of media, I have never heard about this news paper nor the place (Bundeli)….well now i know and it sounds great, thanks to the writer Ms Jheel Parekh….great article

  • Fatma

    Firstly hats off to yr report! :) for spreading the word about such a great achievement!
    Masha’allah!!! :) It’s good to know that strength and courage to build a better today and tomorrow thrives in the hearts of such people!!
    It makes me prouder to know that they are indians, moreover that they are women! :)
    Truly inspiring!

  • Saptar(i)shi

    It is very important to portray the achievement of people and organisations that have disappeared into oblivion over the period of time. I have never come across any newspaper or magazine that has been able to report the issues that ‘The Better India’ has focussed on. I congratulate the organisers for initiating this noble endeavour and hope that this website soon develops into a newspaper. I would also like to acknowledge the stunning language used by the guest reporter – Ms. Jheel Parekh.

  • Prajin

    Well written Jheel Parekh.Also, I appreciate your commitment, dedication and the time taken in understanding the concept and showing your ideology to the world.

  • Rachel

    Brilliant work I say, hot one! Kudos to you!
    Keep up the good work always!

  • Kamal

    Hey lady! great reporting. Thank you for bringing this up and letting us know about such an inspiring instituition. Women rocks!!!!!

  • Bino

    Nice article.i was not aware of such thing as KL. It really feels good to see you guys bring out things which majority of the people in india have not heard off..keep up the good work..hoping to see many more of it

  • Zonun

    It is so inspiring to know that there are people who cares for the downthrodden, economically backward citizens in our country. India needs more such people. If we all do our part, may be a simple gesture of kindness to a maid or a peddler on the street; If we all learn to respect the person behind the ragged clothes, our nation would greatly improved not only economically but also culturally. The happiness quotient of the Indian people would definitely go up. Isn’t that what life is all about? Jai Hind! and all the best.

  • Zonun

    Great Work Jheel. I’m so proud of you and your brother. Keep it up.

  • chetan

    It is inspiring to know that people can acchieve outstanding results with only grit and an intent to do good. Thanks for bringing out such stories that not only egg us on to achieve what we can but also for showing no hurdle is too tall to be crossed.

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  • Keerty

    Got a chance to meet the team of Khabar Lehariya soem time back..they are real dynamic ladies !

    Kudos to all them and all behind them!


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  • Amit Shukla

    I really very much impress with that news paper i read it in Times Of India Also from that day I was thinking i should do sth like that for our country ………….. and now i assure i’ll do………

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