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TBI Blogs: Doctors Told Nancy She Would Never Walk Again, but This Brave Young Girl Refused to Give up Hope

Paralysis after an accident can be a difficult reality to accept, especially for active individuals. However, Nancy, a young girl, refused to accept her paralysis as a final diagnosis, eventually regaining movement through sheer determination and will.

Nancy was a bright student at a renowned university. She was among those students who balanced academics with extra-curricular activities perfectly. Her jovial nature attracted instant positivity. She was also liked by her teachers for her good nature and zeal to achieve her goals.

But one accident turned her life upside down. One day, while enjoying an evening on the terrace of her hostel, Nancy lost balance, slipped, and fell. She was immediately rushed to the hospital. The doctors recommended surgery as she had injured her spinal cord.

Though the surgery was successful, a lot of damage had been done already. The doctors informed her parents that her lower limbs would never respond. But Nancy was determined to move. She refused to accept her physical condition as her ultimate fate. Her parents supported her determination.

They too did not want to give up their hopes.

Nancy shares, “The doctors told me I would not walk again. It felt like my world had collapsed. I could not accept that I would have to be bed-ridden forever. I was determined to walk again.”

The doctors, despite knowing about her condition, wanted to believe in her faith. Nancy and her family continued to observe every small change in her body.  But after six long months of disappointment, they were almost ready to give up their hopes. They thought it was time to get realistic and accept that Nancy would not be able to move again.

While such thoughts occupied their mind, the awaited thing happened. Nancy’s toes showed slight movement. The doctors were shocked, as they had had no hopes for improvement. Nancy remembers the day clearly, “It was one of those days when I was observing my legs, expecting some movement. I was disappointed, but then something happened—I saw my toes move a little. I was in seventh heaven!”

The little movement of her toes motivated Nancy as well as the doctors. Today, two years since the surgery, Nancy is able to walk properly. She has been determined, and worked hard to live a normal life.

Nancy is a great motivator for all those who have had an accident, or lost the hope of getting better. She hopes her personal experience will help reaffirm her message, “Miracles happen when you don’t stop trying.”

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