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What Is the Result of 3 Men Travelling for 17 Days in Unreserved Compartments? An Epic Journey!

In 2016, three men spent 17 days travelling in unreserved compartments across the breadth of India. And now they have come out with a documentary chronicling their experiences and the people they met along the way.

Last year, three friends from Mumbai, Omkar Divekar, Rajat Bhargava and Samarth Mahajan, went on an epic journey that quickly piqued the public’s interest. The trio travelled in the unreserved compartments of the Indian railways for 17 days in order to interact with their fellow passengers and understand their lives.

Back in 2016, Omkar had taken to Twitter to live tweet a slice of his experience with his friends. Given that those who travel in the unreserved category come from different social backgrounds, religions and castes, the men’s journey was peppered with interesting anecdotes that had the internet wanting more.

Here are some tweets shared during the journey

And now the men are back to share their journey with a larger audience through a documentary that chronicles their interactions with the people they met along the way.

The film, called “The Unreserved,” portrays the passengers’ aspirations, efforts and opinions through conversations and personal stories.

From discussions about cricket and films to passengers narrating personal stories of overcoming obstacles, the documentary is at once nostalgic and yet provides a platform to the millions that often don’t get to have their voices heard.

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The team plans on launching the film in February.

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