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This Gay Man’s Mom Has Something to Say. And Every Parent in the World Should Hear It


Proving yet again that compassion is key to bridging all divides, this gay man’s story about how his traditional Sikh family finally accepted him, will make you feel warm all over.

In an interview with Metro, UK, Birmingham-based Manjinder Singh Sidhu spoke about how his very desi mom came around to supporting him as a proud gay man and also crusades for LGBTQ rights now.


Photo source: Facebook

After coming out to his sister during his university years, Manjinder decided he would tell his parents too. “The first thing my mum thought was that I was going to become a woman! My dad thought I had a health problem and that he’d no longer be able to work because he’d have to look after me!”

Eventually, they started supporting him once they realised that a person’s sexual orientation is not a choice they get to make and everyone should be given the freedom to love who they love.


Manjinder Singh, who often posts videos on YouTube about sexuality and gay acceptance, has published one featuring his mom speaking in Punjabi. In the video, she implores parents of LGBTQ children to accept their children:

[embedvideo id=”Lndphju0HpA” website=”youtube”]

She says, “The advice we can give if your child tells you this (that they are LGBTQ) is that you should accept it and not tell them to change. It’s ok what they are. God has given it and you should accept it as it is.” She also explains how forcing children to conform might end up ruining lives.

The world needs more moms like her!


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