3 among the Most Heartwarming Stories We Found on Quora This Year

There are moments in our lives that take us by surprise and end up challenging our perspectives, our mindsets and even our understanding of our own lives.

There are moments in our lives that take us by surprise and end up challenging our perspectives, our mindsets and even our understanding of our own lives. A Quora user posed a question on the platform that read: What is the most eye-opening encounter or experience you ever had? The post has been flooded with responses from people who have spoken about poverty, illiteracy and, various acts of kindness that they have witnessed. Here are some tales that we loved:

1. A good train of thought:


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Anshul Sharma wrote a heartwarming tale about a man he met in the local train who goes around from train to train offering people water for free. This man refused to have his picture taken and at 70, he noted that he has been offering water for many years now.

2. The mess supervisor to the rescue

Vamshi Medisetty learned not to be judgmental of people when he realised that someone he disliked previously actually turned out to be a good human being. He writes about how he didn’t like his college’s mess or its supervisor because the food was never quite good. One day after having missed the lunch hour, he walked into the supervisor’s cabin to yell at her about the mess. She gave him her lunch (idlis) instead, and decided to forgo eating herself.

3. Understanding hunger


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Abdul Quadir Saifee says that he no longer wastes any food because of one incident that showed him what hunger and starvation look like. He writes about a time in Mumbai when he and his friends decided to give their food to the needy instead of throwing it away. They walked to a sidewalk at 2 am and asked if anyone wanted food. He writes, “At that very moment 4-5 people sprang from sleep and asked for the food and started eating quickly, me and my friend were startled that just now these guys were sleeping and now sprang to life. Then it struck me that these guys were hungry and went to sleep empty stomach. My mind went numb on the spot, before this I had never seen anyone like that. It left a lasting impression on me….Have never thrown food since that day. Whatever the time of the day I have gone out and made sure that some one will have that food.”

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