No Money for Fees? No Problem. Parents Can Pay This Chhattisgarh School by Planting a Sapling Instead!

Shishka Kuteer, an English-medium school in Chhattisgarh asks guardians to plant and care for saplings rather than pay fees.

One school in Chhattisgarh has come up with an innovative solution for parents who are unable to afford their children’s school fee; they just to have pay by planting trees instead.

Named Shishka Kuteer, the school is located in Ambikarpur and has 35 students aged four and five. It was set up by professionals and businessmen to help educate children coming from underprivileged backgrounds.


Image for representation only. Photo source: Flickr

Those who run the school ask parents and guardians of every child to plant a sapling at the time of admission, and also to nurture it personally. In case a plant dies, the guardians are supposed to plant another sapling in its place and start the process all over again.

As per statistics released by the Indian government in 2012, a whopping 22% of the population lives below the official poverty line across the country. In days like these, good Samaritans become imperative to the nation’s success.

The villagers in Ambikarpur have enthusiastically taken to the facility as it promises good quality education in English. The measure of this school’s success? 700 saplings have already been planted in the village in the course of one year.

Know more about the school here.

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