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VIDEO: What is Number 8’s Divisibility Rule? This Maths Teacher has a New Answer!

Mathematics teacher Sursinh Parmar took the question of a young student so seriously, that he figured out a new method to solve a complex problem.

Learn the new method in this video:

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This math teacher’s innovative solution to number 8’s divisibility rule just won him an award!

Sursinh Parmar is a mathematics teacher from Saurashtra. A student’s question led him to discover a new method to number 8’s divisibility rule. His method uses 2 simple rules:

For example, to check the divisibility of 1,23,632 by 8

1,23,6 (32) = (8×4)

The last two digits must be a multiple of 4

8 & 6 are both even numbers

The multiplier & the digit in the hundredth’s place must both be ODDxODD or EVENxEVEN

1,23,632 is a multiple of eight

Example 2


12,12,1 (16) =(4 x 4)

4 is even, 1 is odd

12,12,116 is not a multiple of 8

Parmar was recently given the ‘Innovative Teacher’ award by the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad  for his new findings

A simpler method for problem solving!

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