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MY VIEW: 11 Ways in Which Our Public Education System Can Be Revolutionised

MY VIEW: 11 Ways in Which Our Public Education System Can Be Revolutionised

Arun. A.G strongly feels that a developed public education system is extremely important for the growth of any democracy. Here he gives some suggestions to revamp public schools and the system.

The views expressed in this article are that of the author’s and do not in any way reflect the views of the organisation.

Arun. A.G strongly feels that a developed public education system is extremely important for the growth of any democracy. Here he gives some suggestions to revamp public schools and the system.

“Schools are the fundamental method of social progress and reform” (Dewey, 1897).

I believe that these words are as true today as they were when first included in John Dewey’s Pedagogic Creed. Public schools are the assets of our country. These schools educate everyone without any discrimination of caste or creed and economic or intellectual differences. A strong public education system is one of the major foundations for any democracy.

India has always given pre-dominant consideration to the public education system. The Right to Education Act has ensured free public education for every Indian child. Still, many of our schools are on the verge of closure. Four aided schools were closed after court orders in Kerala recently. They were later adopted by the state government. But I believe that this is not a practical and viable option for long term. More practical means have to be adopted for saving our public education system. Here are some suggestions for renovating and remodelling the same.

1. Merge schools in the same locality:


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Many of our lower primary and upper primary schools are on the verge of closure. This situation can be curbed to an extent by merging those schools with other schools in the locality. This can help aided schools prevent issues related to re-admission in higher classes.

2. Revise the curriculum and teaching practice:

Revise the curriculum according to the needs of children. Include information regarding scientific and social developments to the syllabus. Schools should also adopt child-centric teaching methods to help every child.

3. Adopt corporate management approach:


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Management system in schools should be revised according to the global scenario. Proper log frame, work plan and time frame should be provided to the teaching staff, which should be supported with orientation programmes. This will develop a sense of professionalism among the teachers.

4. Teachers should be evaluated:

Students should be provided with the option to rate the teachers too. This approach will improve attitudes and teaching methods. It also helps to know more about students’ expectations from teachers.

5. Strict scrutiny of mid-day meals:


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The idea of mid-day meals is a revolutionary one, but scrutiny of these meals is important. Responsible authorities should ensure that the meals prepared with good quality products in a safe environment

6. Constitute school management committees:

School Management Committees should be created for each school. This committee should ensure proper functioning and development of schools. The committee should have representatives from students, teachers, parents, and local self-government along with school manager and principal. The committee should be supported by a professional group which includes social workers, mental health professionals and educationalists. This committee should be able to appoint staff like counsellors as well.

7. Develop master plan for each school:


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The school management committee should develop a specific master plan for the development of the school. The education department should provide proper guidelines for the same and a professional team should develop it. Schools can be classified into various levels according to the guidelines, and specific remedies can be proposed to renovate each school.

8. Promote educational startups:

Many startups are now sprouting in the field of education. The government should take keen interest in promoting them for the development of the education system. This will make way for fast-paced knowledge revolution in schools.

9. Start entrepreneurial clubs in schools:


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Many science exhibitions are conducted in schools year. Several  innovative products and solutions for some burning issues can be found in these exhibitions. The government should be able to nurture the talent of the participating students. Entrepreneur clubs can then help to develop the potential of these young inventors.

10. Start a web portal for the schools:

A web portal should be started by the state government in which every school should have an account. Schools can provide information regarding their facilities, achievements etc. on this portal. It should also have a space where the school authorities can upload requests for resources. This portal could also allow schools to start crowd funding campaigns, which will help philanthropists across world donate for their development.

11. Initiate public education campaign:


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The state should organize campaigns that create awareness among the public regarding the importance, need and benefits of public education system.

Suggestions for raising funds for supporting these initiatives:

1. Attract CSR funds for developing schools – Corporate Social Responsibility can act as a major fund provider for development of schools.

2. Community crowd funding – Start a crowd funding campaign among school stake holders for a development fund. This fund can be collected according to the decision of the school management committee.

3. Start an educational fund like the Prime Minister Relief Fund – The donors should be exempted from tax under 80 G which is same as the relief fund. This can attract lot of public donations, which can be re-used for the development of the education sector

4. Start lottery systems like “Karunya”  – Karunya Benevolent fund is an initiative by the Kerala Government to help terminally ill people for meeting their treatment expenses. The fund is collected through the sale of Karunya Lottery. The government can start such an initiative for helping needy children at government/aided schools for continuing education through scholarships.

5. Integrate various development funds – A project can be envisaged to integrate various available funds for the development of education sector. These funds include the development funds of MP and MLA along with the funds of local self-governments.

I am sure that most of these suggestions need amendments in the law. But what is the use of laws that cannot be amended for public good!

– Arun. A.G

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